Monday, October 18, 2004

About Last Weekend

The bowling plan was off! I went to Bandung (3 hours driving from Jakarta) with my mom & dad instead. My brother got too busy with his assignments, so he skipped the trip. We went there coz my granny has gotten sick, again. Geez, I really hope she could make it until this Christmas. Her condition's getting weaker by the day, she's starting to lose her ability in speaking Bahasa Indonesia. She's speaking in Dutch most of the time (She's not a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia), all the family can only pray and try to visit her that often! Get well soon, Oma...! I always love family gathering, coz I got to meet up my big family... my aunties, my uncles and of course my fun-loving cousins!!! We went shopping, dining and sight-seeing around Bandung. It was nice :) I took several photos when I was on the way to Bandung. The puncak area is really beautiful... the tea gardens, rice fields, the trees... I wish Jakarta had that kind of view.

And because of that family gathering, I found out from Lami that Lala and Delano are now really into "Ghosthunting" stuff. SAY WHAT?!!! That is something I won't do in a million years, EVER!!! Lami said that those 2 crazy cousins of mine often go to the old Dutch caves & old Japanese caves (only 15-20 minutes from Bandung)... and they experienced some creepy stuff!!! I got goosebumps everytime I listened to their stories. (If you want to know the stories, just e-mail me & I'll tell you!) And the worst part is, you'll never know when they're planning to go "visiting" those caves again. If you stuck in the car with them in Bandung, just pray and keep silent. The more you show them you're scared to death, the more they'll take you to those caves. That's what Lami told me, because she got trapped with them few weeks ago & she's not planning to experience that again. As to me, the better prevention is, not to go out with them during my stay in Bandung. Call me loser, but I'm really paranoid with those supertitious things. After watching horror movies, I don't have the guts to sleep alone in my room. Embarrasing, but I think everyone already knows that. Hahaha...

When I got back from Bandung last night, I received a very nice gift from my favorite couple, Radit and Tatiana :) [Thank youuuuuuu... *mwah mwah* I love you both!], they gave me a delicious fruit pie tartlets ! Yummy! (^,^) ... I just love cakes for breakfast, other than bread. In other words, I'll stop writing this blog now, coz my tasty fruit pie tartlets is calling me! Hehehe... Have a nice day, Schoenen Tag alle!

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