Saturday, October 16, 2004

Insomnia Attack

It's 00:59 WIB [GMT +7]... I'm so tired but can't sleep. Getting worst by the day... I can't go to sleep until 3 am... and now I still have 2 hours to do just nothing! I can watch DVDs actually... but no, I'm really not in the mood for that now. 

Oh well, today I went out with Radit to Bintaro Plaza buying some blank CDs, then we went to Vana's house... then picked up Radit's girlfriend {Ms. Tatiana aka Nia} at Cilandak Townsquare. She asked to become a member in a gym with her. So that we could work-out together. I'm so into it you know...coz I need to do some sport again. 

Lately I don't have a sparring partner to play tennis with. I used to have some friends to play tennis with, but now everybody seems busy with their own activities. Anyway, tomorrow I'm gonna play bowling with my dad. Bowling is also sport, isn't it? hehehe... *nice try! ;) Oh well... I'm a bit hungry, I think I'm gonna take off to hunt down some snacks in the kitchen... late nite supper! That's it for now... Nighty-nite... don't let the bed bugs bite!

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ernesto said...

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