Friday, October 15, 2004

Did A Freelance Job

I did a freelance job in a volleyball competition event in Jakarta. It was the Borobudur Cup. There were 5 countries participated in that competition: Indonesia, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Japan, Myanmar, and Russia. 

I was a Liaison Officer for Chinese Taipei volleyball team. I had to take care, look after and serve the team well. Well afterall, Indonesia was well-known for its friendly hospitality. I think I gotta bring that thing up again {after all those bombings... terrorism attacks in Indonesia} so that people would know that Indonesians are nice people. So, I did the job.

During that event, I, personally got attached to the team members... from team manager, coach, assitant coach and of course the players! They're really-really nice... a bunch of great guys. Although there were times where we had miscommunication aka "language barrier thing" {they speak chinese and I obviously don't... Thank God, some of 'em could speak a lil' english! But most of the time, we were using 'Body Language', we managed to go thru those times... I had many funny and beautiful memories with them. Unforgetable. The kind of memories that will touch one's soul. I was their #1 fan during that event ;) and I think I'll always be. They're nice guys with wonderfull skills in volleyball. I'm sure they're gonna be even greater volleyball players than they are now. Now that they already went back to Taiwan, I just hope I could meet them again someday. For now, all I can say, I've missed them... dan gue juga kangen banget sama pria jepun itu. Posted by Hello

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