Sunday, November 21, 2004

2 malls, 2 movies

Last saturday nite was nice although I haven't got any sleep since the the day before! I had a lunch with my big family at Ah Yat Abalone (Chinese restaurant). Then me and my cousins went to Plaza Senayan to watch "Resident Evil: Apocalypse". I like Milla Jovovich's character in that movie. She's the heroine. But I kept on closing my eyes and watched the movie through the baricade of my fingers in front of my face most of the time! Ha! That sounds silly I know... Hahaha... but really, some parts of the movie were full of creepy creatures!

Then we had dinner at Spice Garden... then, we took off to Cilandak Townsquare. We hung out at Coffee Bean for hours... the topics that we discussed were fun, well, hillarious actually! We laughed endlessly... then we bought tickets to watch movie at the cinema. We watched "Wicker Park" ... it's a remake from a french movie "L'appartement". I had watched "L'appartement" and I didn't really like the ending story. But "Wicker Park"'s ending was even better. They only changed the ending story. I love it, It's great. You should watch that movie! It really got us carried away with the story... I like movies that can 'play' with my emotions...

I had a great time. I hope next week's gonna be great too... AMEN to that! ;)

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