Sunday, November 28, 2004

it's 5.07 AM (GMT +7), I just got home. I went out with my cousins - Ara, Alva, Lala, Lami & Marcel. We went to Plaza EX (Entertainment X'ntre)and watched Polar Express. Oouuwwhhh... Loves it! I've always loved Christmas! One of my favourite times of the year.

My cousins and I were discussing about our childhood afterwards. How much we believed in Santa Claus... (thank's to our parents), we used to put a glass of milk & biscuits near the Christmas tree, and on christmas day we got our presents & a letter from "santa"..., the letter was like this (as far as I remembered):

Amara dearest,
This ___________ (barbie/barbie's car/etc) is your christmas present from me. Promise me you'll be a nice girl next year. Always listen to what your mommy & daddy tell you, be nice to your little brother, not fighting with your neighbour again, go to sunday school every week, not wearing mommy's make up without permission, blablabla...

Santa Claus

I'd still love to believe in Santa Claus though! ;) I'd love to be on Santa's lap and to have him asking me, "Amara, what do you want for Christmas...?"

Then I'll say, "All I want for Christmas is ______________________" ;D

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