Friday, November 19, 2004

Jakarta's Hotspots

My friends have been calling me all day. It's friday nite. I kept on refusing their offer to go out... -for a month now- (-,-) Usually on friday nights, my friends and I go out... to the clubs, cafes etc... I'm just bored. I forgot how many years have I been living that kinda life. Since I was 16 I think... These are the list of some popular places in Jakarta that I usually go with my friends:

- Plaza Senayan ... we usually hang out at Bakerzin (the cakes & pastries are just delicious!) and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Iced Caramel Blend ... yummy!), Upstairs (it's a wine & cigar lounge)
- Cilandak Townsquare ... again, Bakerzin, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Mister Bean Coffee, Gloria Jeans Coffee, The Score, Chopstix, and any other cafes, restaurants...
- Darmawangsa Square ... Gelato Bar for sure!!! They serve the most tasty ice creams! So many flavours too... and Banana Kafe... cozy & attractive interior...
- Kemang area... Dim Sum festival (yes, we love Dim Sum), ke'ku:n, again... Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Kemang Branch), Dakken, Frankfurter, and many more...
- Entertainment X'entre ... Bread Papa's, Orange Julius - Dairy Queen, Bakerzin, Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, buy some Bread Talk, walk to Plaza Indonesia...
- Menteng... eat at some street vendors... those yummy Nasi Gila, Nasi Goreng Gila, etc... (Indonesian traditional food)

... kay, those are the places that we usually go on weekdays... now, I'm going to list down some places that we usually go on weekends... along with other Jakartans society (AKA party-goers). The pictures can be seen here.

- Bliss club along with its lounge LOFT 25... this is one of the happening clubs in Jakarta today...
- Blowfish bar... plus point, a friend of mine is the resident DJ at Blowfish every saturday night. He's spinning R&B - Hiphop music.
- La Dolce Vita ... I really like the interior of this club... very nice!
- Manna House ... I don't really like this place... but dunno why, everybody seems happy to go this place.
- Embassy & Co2... we rarely go this place... we only go to this place when other places are too crowded.
- Club Monaco... well, funny, I've never been there.

... there are 2 new clubs in Jakarta... Dragon Fly (located in Graha BIP) and Fluid (located in the Hilton Hotel Jakarta). I haven't been in those two places... maybe someday. I think. I told you earlier, I'm kinda bored with living in the 'hedonism' life. I'm a girl-next-door kinda girl now. Staying at home... watching DVDs, reading books (including crappy novels), browsing the Internet. Do you have any more suggestions for me? Other things that I can do at home? Hehehe... Know what, my friends thought that I've been brainwashed! Hahaha... Oh come on, people do change, right? But who knows, probably someday I'm going to live that kinda life again! Damn... I really don't know what's happening to me. Why do I become indecisive like this?! Oh well... Life's full of surprises, isn't it? I'm just gonna go with the flow, i think. Here I go again, trapped in my own state of confusion. Anyways, for those of u who live outside Jakarta. I've listed down the hotspots in Jakarta... if u wanna have fun here, just visit those places ;)

Okay now, I'm think I'm just gonna spend the rest of this friday night by watching DVDs... have a nice weekend everybody!

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