Thursday, November 18, 2004

Happy Birthday Mom!

The world's greatest mom! (^,^) Posted by Hello

Actually, her birthday was yesterday. To me, she's the world's greatest mom! Well... like any other people, back then when i was a teen, me and my mom didn't always see things eye to eye and also we had our share of disagreements. When I'm becoming an adult, we became friends, although she couldn't always fix my problems. But she's always being there for me. I also began to realize the sacrifices she had made for me, all the sleepless nights, worries, and stress I caused her. I'm so grateful to have her as my mother.

She's letting me to choose and live my own life. She's tried not to interfere with any things that come up in my life. She said that I'm old enough to know what's bad & what's good for me. She never complained if I got home late... there were times when I got home around 4-5 a.m. for almost everyday (when I was still a student). As long as I have good grades, go to church every sunday and have time at least once or twice a week for my family, she's totally okay with everything that I do.

You know... it got me wondering... will I be a good mom someday? It's not an easy thing. But we''ll see... marriage is still soooo far away from me!

Well anyways, we celebrated my mom's bday by having dinner together... along with my grandma (she's currently staying at my house, but only for 2 weeks) and with my mom's big brother and his family. It was a very pleasant dinner... the conversations, the food, the people were just simply great. We had dinner at 'Cahaya Kota', it serves tasty Chinese food! All time favourite! :)

Alriteee then, it's 3.49 a.m. and I'm getting sleepy... so I'm just gonna crash on my bed. Ciao alle!

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