Tuesday, December 21, 2004

LO Reunion

After dinner we hung out at Buzz Cafe...  Posted by Hello

Today I hung out with my friends from the event U-185 Volleyball World Championship. We became such close friends. Funny thing is... we have always been reminiscing *AKA repeating the same stories* the times we spent together during that event. Coz we really had great times together... we were a one solid team. We're looking forward to work together as a team again... and I do hope that I could work with those Taiwanese again! They're really fun and nice guys... I always have missed the Chinese Taipei team, Ano always misses those Japanese team, Thessa always misses those referees, und so weiter... 

But thank God, I can still meet up with Thessa, Bianca, Nia, Ano, Rani, Sisqo, Gerry, Hino! I have missed so many friends (those in Europe, US and Asia ---except those in Indonesia of course---)... you know, that sucks! I hate it a lot... wanting to meet your friends, but you just can't, coz they're far from where you are. Oh geez, I better get some sleep... it's 3.24 AM and I'm getting emotional here... ~Duhhhh!

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