Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas in Bandung

There were just too many things to tell... I'll just gonna tell the keywords...
So, here we go...

Christmas Eve: Arrived in Bandung. Ate some snacks. Got our pics taken. Went to Church (GPIB Bethel). Christmas Eve Dinner with my mom's family. Got our pics taken. Christmas Menu (Macaroni, Lots... lots of Pork, Manadonese food, Sirkol, Shrimp, etc). Chocolate cakes. Cheese Cakes. Laughed. Laughed. Got our pics taken. Watched Toar throwing and breaking things. *But geez, he's so lovable though!*. Got our pics taken. Laughed. Laughed. Mary's Boy Child. My dad's solo. Ate cakes again. Went out with my cousins. Got our pics taken. Laughed. Laughed. Dago Tea House. Lots of laugh. Got our pics taken. Cafe Oh La La. Busy sending SMSs to my friends. Got our pics taken. Lots of Laugh. Transfered pics to laptop. Lots of Laughed. Went to bed at 5 AM.

Christmas Day: Woke up late. Oops. Hehehe. Christmas. Christmas. Christmas! Lunch together. Got our pics taken. Oom Ben's New House. Got our pics taken. Lots, lots of Laugh. Back to da house. Ate cakes. Chilled. Had dinner at Mei Yun. Orange Juice. Adolf ate 4.5 bowls of noodle. GEEZ!!! Lots of Laugh. The whole day busy receiving SMSs and sending SMSs. The Inkiriwangs went straight to Bali. *I'll catch up on 30th*. Lalalala. Back to the house. Went to CiWalk. Watched "The Grudge" at the cinema with my cousins. HELLO??? Watched horror movie at Christmas??? I was sooo trapped. Went to Lembang for late supper. Horror stories. Funny stories. Hillarious stories. Lots, lots of laugh. Lots, lots of laugh. Transferred pics to laptop. Lots of Laughed. Went to bed at 5 AM. Again.

On the 26th: Woke up late. Again. Oops. Hehehehehehehehehe. Lunch together. Went to My Grandpa's Graveyard. Got our pics taken. Left Bandung. Went back to Jakarta. Had dinner with my dad's family. Got our pics taken. Our stomachs were so full. Lots lots of laugh. Went to bedddd...

On the 27th: Woke up late. Alva came. Glenn's house. Lunch at Sushi Nobu. YUMMY!!! Got our pics taken. Laughed. Laughed. Darmawangsa Square. Glenn's house. Depok UI. Traffic Jam. Tebet. Mc.D Pondok Indah. Rainy. Went back home.

Well... more or less, like that. It was one of the best Christmas' I've ever had. Thank you God... :)

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