Sunday, December 19, 2004

Jakarta, 3.06 AM (GMT +7)

I went out with Alva, Lamy and Marcel... as I always do for the last few weeks now. We went to the cinema and watched "Ocean's Twelve". I love it! Coz Bruce 'Charming' Willis was in it too!!! Huhuhuhuhu... well, what can I say? I'm a big fan! ;) But the overall... the movie was great!

Btw, I chatted with Adrien (My French friend) at the msn last night, he said that he just bought the plane ticket to Jakarta... for next year! He's gonna spend one full month here. I haven't seen him for 1.5 year... It's gonna be fun! Joy! Too bad the others can't make it... Well maybe I need to go back to Europe again... huehuehueheu.. that'll be great huh! We'll see bout that next year! =)

Well, it's getting late... I gotta go to bed, coz tomorrow I'm gonna have to wake up early. There's gonna be a family gathering the whole day at Kota Wisata... need to save up some energy! Ciaooo!

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