Friday, December 10, 2004

Just Another Weekend with Family

My parents and I went to my bro's apartment yesterday. He lived near his campus since August 2002 (I think). He's sharing an apartment with our cousin Adolf... well they both go to the same university. I think most of my cousins go to that university...

Well anyways, the appartment's so full of his assignments, I can't hardly walk in there. Kiddin', hehehe... He showed us his work, presentations, etc. And I must say, he's a pretty talented architect-to-be. Hoorayyy! I got myself an architect to design my future house for free!!! Hahahahahaha *lol*.

Then we went to a restaurant for dinner... guess who was there too?!!! My cousin Denan. He's baaaaccckk! Hahahaha... He still owes me (and Ara --- also my cousin) a dinner. I still keep his sms on my cell phone, it says "As soon as I get back from Medan. I'll treat you a dinner. You can pick the restaurant. ANY RESTAURANT YOU WANT." He did type the sms in capital letters. (^,^) Hohohoho... We (that would be Ara and I) were considering Takigawa/Edogin/Sushi Nobu... (pricey Japanese restaurants). I showed him the sms and he was like, "Ohhh geez! Did I really send you that sms?" --- he kinda wishing he didn't. *lol* .... Well my dear cousin, just don't make any plan for next weekend. Coz you're gonna have dinner with me and ara! Hahahaha... It's your call! (^,^)

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