Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puncak Pass

Yesterday my family and I went to Puncak Pass, West Java. The best place in Indonesia to go to if you want to eat Pannekoek, Bitterballen and Hollandsche Poffertjes and ohh... the Shrimp Cocktail's also fresh! Delicious Lamb Chop. As the other items on the menu, not really good tho.

Nevertheless, I've always loved the cool and foggy weather.. it was 21 degree Celsius (70 degree Fahrenheit) yesterday. Everything was just lovely.

Puncak Pass - Friday, February 19th 2010

Foggy weather

Pannekoek (Banana + Cheese + Sugar Syrup)

Bitter Ballen
Hollandsche Poffertjes

Husband, Brother, Father, Mother and myself (from left to right)

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