Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farewell Om Izer

Last thursday, my uncle Eliezer Yan Bernadus passed away. I'm not going into any details but I'm going to share to other people what a wonderful, family-oriented man he was. He cared for his family, his big family to be exact. Last years of his life, he dedicated himself to spread words of God to people he met eventhough his eyesight was very poor (he could only see 95%, it was a total blur for him to see the world. see the faces of his friends and family). And he was very kind to me and my husband. 

The last time I saw him was on my birthday this year. Yes, over 3 weeks ago. I was having birthday lunch with my core family (parents & husband & in-laws), then he was having lunch with his bible study group at The Cafe, Hotel Mulia. I don't know what was on his mind, but he insisted to have quality short conversation time with each of us. He shook hands with us longer than usual and then said to me that it's good to know that I'm doing well and that I should keep holding on of being well.  When he was at our table, my husband was gone invading the buffet tables, he said to me "Where's Jonah? Take me to him, come on now". Then we walked together finding my husband and he did the exact same thing to my husband. Then after that, he looked to both of us and said, "Om Izer is happy seeing both of you all and well. I'm happy." Now that he's gone, I couldn't help but wonder, did he know that his time almost come? Did he try to say goodbye to us?

Days before he died, he already told one of my aunties that he wanted to be cremated and his ashes should be poured into the sea. He didn't want become a burden to any of his cousins and family. His parents already passed years ago and his brother passed away last February. He said that if we want to say hi to him once in a while, just go to Kema beach (it's a beach just few hundreds meters away from our village back in Minahasa) or any beach and touch the water. Om Izer, I will remember you everytime I go to the beach or ocean, and I will say hi to you. You'll be missed. Farewell and say hi to my daddy Jesus.

My father and my uncles at my parents' house 2 years ago, Om Izer was the one wearing the white framed sunglasses.

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