Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New Activity

For the past month, my husband and I, along with my cousins have this healthy activity going on. We go jogging once a week. I'm so happy that we're doing this, it is safe to say that I'm a sports girl at heart. I have always loved doing sports ever since I was a little. I was in the volleyball team, athletic team, softball team and tennis team in school back then. However, for the past 10 years, I've been on-off doing it. Tried going to the gym, but really not my cup of tea. Didn't work at all. Yoga and Pilates are my bffs all this time.

Since my husband is now actively playing rugby, he has to maintain his stamina by jogging more frequently. I was like, why not? I've always loved athletic stuff. Jogging? Why not! Running is very good for your health. It provides a great cardiovascular workout, strengthens and tones your muscles. My husband and I actually feel the difference, we become more fit and somewhat stronger. Regular jogging gives better overall physical condition as well as some other health benefits, including mental benefits such as relaxation and reduction of anxiety. Real talk! Before going jogging, usually my husband and I feel tired and so on. But after jogging, we ALWAYS feel re-charged, re-juvenate and fresh! I highly recommend everyone to jog at least every week. You will feel the difference, your body will be in better shape also. It burns fat :D

It's never too late for anyone to live healthy life isn't it. Let's jog!

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