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L'Interdit was a perfume created in 1957 by Hubert de Givenchy for his friend, Audrey Hepburn. Its name means "forbidden". It has a soft, floral, powdery aroma. It contains notes of rose, jasmine, violet and, at the heart, a blend of woods and grasses. First created privately for Miss Hepburn by Givenchy. She wore it for a matter of years until finally releasing it to the public in the 1960's. Her photoshoot for the frangrance became legendary. Some claim it showed another side of Audrey.

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Taking Twitter to a Whole New Level

I stumbled upon this website when browsing few days ago and been wanting to post some of the pics to this blog of mine. I think they're hilarious! :) Do you?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Schönes langes Wochenende!

Literally means "Have a great long weekend!" I'm not gonna post anything this weekend since my brother is coming to town. Yay another full house moments. So needless to say, we're going to spend some family quality time together. Whatever you're up to this long weekend, I wish you have the bestest one my darlings! Til next week!

photo: Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney in "Two For The Road", 1967 via Tumblr

Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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Former Indonesian President, BJ Habibie, just lost his beloved companion for the last 48 years of his life. His wife, Ainun Habibie recently passed away because of cancer at a hospital in Muenchen, Germany. Until the very last seconds of her life, her husband was always, always there by her side. From what I read on newspapers, BJ Habibie was known for his faithful love to his wife. After she died, he said this: "I was born for Ainun and Ainun was born for me". This one sweet sentence has spread around the internet within minutes and made a massive amount of girls wanting to have a husband like BJ Habibie. They are all so touched with his love, loyalty and warm heart. Especially when they saw the live-feed of Ainun Habibie's funeral on every national television, where BJ Habibie cried and looked so helpless and devastated over the death of his beloved wife. Now please bear in mind, loyal men today are extinct creature, especially loyal men with power and money, so I truly understand this sudden adoration of Indonesian women to BJ Habibie. The local television also were broadcasting their love story, which started way back when they were still in highschool. Aaawww how cute, highschool sweetheart grew old together for 48 years until death did they part. Definitely one great love story.

The other great love story is the one I read on the internet, a true story. There is this one old man, whose wife is hospitalized because she is suffering from Alzheimer for the last 5 years. Then this doctor asked the old man, "Why do you still come here everyday? She won't know if you don't. She doesn't recognize you anymore." The old man just smiled to the doctor and said, "Yes she doesn't recognize me anymore. But I still recognize her, she is the woman I marry. And Would be miserable not seeing her and be with her" The doctor was simply amazed and had goosebumps hearing the old man. Me tooooo!!! I love you old man!

Last but not least, other great love story I'm going to share tonight,  is the love story of my Granpapa Ade and Granmama Corry. They met when my Granmama was still 14 years old, then they were married the year after. My Granmama came from a very wealthy family back then, while my Granpapa's family was just ordinary family yet well-educated. Of all the men with the same handsome amount of money as her family, my Granmama picked my Granpapa who had nothing but his brain , will to work hard and his kind heart. They started their family from a scratch because my Granpapa refused to receive money from his parents-in-law, took years for Granpapa to settle down yet my Granmama always stood beside him patiently. Long story short, they had 5 children together and lived in Bandung since 1950 because of his job. Granpapa was a very kind and funny/goofy man while my Granmama was very uptight person (she was very Dutch-y), yet only Granpapa can bring the sweet out of her. They lived a happy life until Granpapa passed away in 1977 (yes, I didn't get the chance to meet him *verysadface* ). My Granmama never re-married until she passed away last year, 2009. Granmama then continued her life without her only love after October 1977. She put his photo on her wallet, side-by-side with hers, had their photo together inside her bible which she read every day and night, photo mounted on the wall and visited his grave every now and then until she was disabled. I once asked her why she never re-married, this is what she said, "No, I don't want to. Opa is my only love and will always be. I'm just waiting the time when I will see him again. I miss him so much." Last years of her life, she suffered Alzheimer that took away her memories. She didn't recognize me, my cousins, her children, her siblings but not when any of us mention Granpapa Ade's name. "Omaaa, where is Dr. Ade Kaligis?", suddenly her eyes sparkled and filled with love She recognized Granpapa's name of anyone else she knew! It was beyond amazing. Love can still beat Alzheimer. I was deeply sad when she passed away, yet I was also happy for her, she get to reunite with Granpapa up there :) To me, their love story is definitely a one great love story every told.

All of the stories above concludes that those are the kinds of love that we all want to have and experience. Some people already have partners, some people don't. Some people have amazing partners, some people don't. But they all want this sweet everlasting love like stories above, I personally believe that there is someone for someone. There will be someone out there for you, you just have to be brave to risk your heart. Good or bad, in the end, it will be worth it I too want those kind of sweet everlasting love with my husband Jonah, so far we're doing good :) We'll see. God knows what's going to happen in the future, not you and me. So I'm just gonna surrender my love and marriage to Him. Now you know what to do right? Let's kneel down, cross your fingers and pray. I believe on the power of prayer, all you have to do is pray, have faith and it will be given to you. Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

HIMYM Cast In The Best of 2008

Look what I found on! Oldie but goodie :) My favorite "friends" (read: HIMYM Cast) reenact some of the year's most memorable moments...memorably! Love them terribly!

1. Michael Phelps won the Olympic.

2. The comeback of Indiana Jones

3. Sex and The City Movie

4. Jonas Brothers

5. Sarah Palin

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Experiencing Scottish Fest

I spent this sunday with my husband Jonah and his rugby team (Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club) at Jakarta Highland Gathering 2010. Based on their event invitation on Facebook, here is the explanation:

The Highland Gathering is a Scottish charity festival tradition that has been a highlight of the Jakarta international community’s social calendar for more than 30 years.

Day, date : 23rd May 2010
Time : 09:00 to 18:00
Venue : Imperial Klub Golf
Lippo Village, Karawaci

The Gathering will bring together thousands of locals and expatriate residents keen to socialise and enjoy unique attractions under the sun with the whole family, such as:

* Traditional Highland Games: tossing the caber, throwing the weight for height and distance
* All day sporting competitions (football, rugby and volley ball)
* Dedicated kids tents and teen arena
* Delicious food festival
* Pasar Skotlandia bazaar
* Hospitality tents
* All day live music, dancing, and live performances

Be sure not to miss the Grand Finale with spectacular fireworks and Burning of the Viking Boat at the end of the day.

Come and be part of this one and only Highland Gathering!
Thanks to all the admin, I hope you can support this charity festival by inviting your friends and for all people we are invite I hope you can help us passing this info to your friends....

Entry fee :
Rp 30,000/ Adult
Rp 15,000 children under 12 years old
Rp 80,000 for family ( max 5 persons)

See you at the event! For more info check

It was my very first Scottish event and it was a darling! I enjoyed all the show and learned a lot about Scottish culture. I so love with people/countries that have strong tradition and historic culture. I got to see Scottish folk dance, men in kilts walking around and some are playing bagpipes, Scottish Highland games. I found out today that Scottish have this game called "Tug O War" and apparently, it's "Tarik Tambang". Indonesia and Scottland are thousands of miles away yet they have the same kind of game, how interesting is that! And I have a confession to make, I've fallen deep in love with Scottish ladies dress and promise myself I must have one. Needless to say, I'm in search of a handsome tartan fabric. I'll upload the photo as soon as I have one! *fingerscrossed*

Too bad we didn't stay long enough until the fireworks and burning of the Viking boat :( But hey, there's always next year! I'll definitely come. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hit Girl

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Just watched the movie yesterday! Hit Girl Kicks Ass, not Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass = AssKick ;D lol. I'm a big fan of Hit Girl.


This one airline currently having their yearly promo, the million-free-seats. Of course I, as a person who loves to travel, have the urge and obligation to participate. After 3 days of trying and trying and trying, I give up and totally blaming it on the their server. How could they have million-free-seats promo for customers worldwide yet not providing the website with a decent server for such traffic? :( Dissapointed, I am. Goodbye free tix to Phuket & Koh Samui for my birthday next year :(

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pilates at Home.

I do Pilates at home and I enjoy it so much. Especially because my babies, Chewy and Lowy love watching me doing Pilates, just like shown on below photo, taken when I  was doing the "Child Pose" for 30 seconds. Tiny garden in front of me, Chewy on my right and Lowy on my left. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today is the Ascension of Jesus Christ

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“… This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into Heaven” - Acts 1:11

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Audrey Hepburn

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Walt Disney

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Latest Cravings

Sometimes I wonder why do old photos, especially the old happy moments photos can bring such pain in the future? One of my friends when I was in Germany messaged me on facebook, then one thing led to another, I started to look at those old photos and began reminiscing. 

Then there this one photo caught my eyes, one photo taken when I was having dinner in Alsace, France. I still remember clearly, I had a plate of Flammekueche and a bottle of Keror Sparkling Apple Cider

Dear God, with my eyes closed, my tongue really can feel the taste of the flammekueche and sparkling apple cider now. I was so into the Sparkling Apple Cider and used to buy it every week. Either Keror Sparkling Apple Cider or Château Normandie Sparkling Apple Cider. Now, my misery is, I can't find any flammekueche nor a bottle of sparkling apple cider (european brand preferably) here in Indonesia :( Do you know anyone from Europe coming down to Indonesia next month maybe? Or where to get both items in Indonesia. I'm so desperate...

This is exactly why I hate looking at old photos in Europe. Because those were the days when I had everything I wanted and needed. Urgh blehkk I hate cravings, cravings make me weak and whining all the time.

Something Big?


From Airasia. I really hope it’s their million-free-seats promotion! *fingerscrossed*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ip Man 2

I'm falling in love again with Ip Man. Loved the first one and now the sequel. Grandmaster Yip Man was truly a great man, I adore him. Take some time to read his biography, it's rather interesting and mind blowing. The movies are also great, Donnie Yen is really good in playing the role of Yip Man. The kungfu fighting scenes are just marvelous. Ah, it's so easy for me to fall in love with movies/tv series about martial arts, I grew up with Condor Heroes series :) I have to thank my dad for introducing me to martial arts world.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

ZCD on Cotton's Ad

J'adore! She's so unbelievably charming. Love the song too... :)

My Cleanaholic Bestfriend.

I've been meaning to post this particular issue for a couple of weeks and at last, here it is. Tata darling, you can start smiling now. This is about you :)

Tata/Tiki/Tikyta is one of my BFFs with obsessive cleanliness. Real talk. She is a cleanaholic. Her world is where everything is clean and shiny, neat and tidy, organized and systematic, fluff and dust free. As her friends (me and the other girls), we are familiar with her habits and we find it all rather affectionate and downright hilarious. She even laughs at herself at times but she can’t help the way she is. She. Just. Loves. Cleaning. However she did say to me that it's a tiring habit. She has been trying to sleep on dirty dishes, but failed every time. She just had to get up and wash them, only then she can sleep peacefully. She'd even still be mopping minutes before going out, and yes, mopping in high heels.

She likes the smell of floor cleaner and furniture polish almost as much as she enjoys the smell of food / fresh air. There was time when she stayed at my house in Bali, I got no maid at that time so had to do the cleaning by myself. One morning, I was cleaning the floor then suddenly she woke up and  first thing came out of her mouth was "Ohhhhhh mmmmmhhh how I love carbol smell." Freaky isn't it? :p

She will get off the couch when she is covered up, cozy and dozing off to move a picture few centimeters back into place. True story. I will post some photos of her apartment in Singapore, oh yes authentic evidence is needed ;) I took the photos last month when I went there and visited her place.

She also has her ways in stacking her pile of clothes, if you go traveling with her, ask her to show you her suitcase. Prepare to be SURPRISED!!! Don't say I didn't warn you ;) Her suitcase is always, always perfectly organized and very systematic. She always helps me packing my suitcase when traveling, and my other girls' suitcases. 

Tata darling, I hope you can control your cleanaholic thing before it reaches Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Cleaning Queen stage. Being cleanaholic is actually great, your house will always be like Tata's :) Yet one must be careful, try not to be obsessed with it. Too much of everything will suck you up. But you know what Tata darling, I love you for being cleanaholic, but don't let it eat you up :) But I can't deny that you inspired people to clean up and be tidy, such a great influence on people! Keep it up my friend and put down that mop now will you darling, you can mop the floors tomorrow morning. LOL ((:

Tata (right) and I (left) in Ku De Ta, Bali 2009.

Check out Tata's blog to know her better: TATOULLA

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