Sunday, May 23, 2010

Experiencing Scottish Fest

I spent this sunday with my husband Jonah and his rugby team (Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club) at Jakarta Highland Gathering 2010. Based on their event invitation on Facebook, here is the explanation:

The Highland Gathering is a Scottish charity festival tradition that has been a highlight of the Jakarta international community’s social calendar for more than 30 years.

Day, date : 23rd May 2010
Time : 09:00 to 18:00
Venue : Imperial Klub Golf
Lippo Village, Karawaci

The Gathering will bring together thousands of locals and expatriate residents keen to socialise and enjoy unique attractions under the sun with the whole family, such as:

* Traditional Highland Games: tossing the caber, throwing the weight for height and distance
* All day sporting competitions (football, rugby and volley ball)
* Dedicated kids tents and teen arena
* Delicious food festival
* Pasar Skotlandia bazaar
* Hospitality tents
* All day live music, dancing, and live performances

Be sure not to miss the Grand Finale with spectacular fireworks and Burning of the Viking Boat at the end of the day.

Come and be part of this one and only Highland Gathering!
Thanks to all the admin, I hope you can support this charity festival by inviting your friends and for all people we are invite I hope you can help us passing this info to your friends....

Entry fee :
Rp 30,000/ Adult
Rp 15,000 children under 12 years old
Rp 80,000 for family ( max 5 persons)

See you at the event! For more info check

It was my very first Scottish event and it was a darling! I enjoyed all the show and learned a lot about Scottish culture. I so love with people/countries that have strong tradition and historic culture. I got to see Scottish folk dance, men in kilts walking around and some are playing bagpipes, Scottish Highland games. I found out today that Scottish have this game called "Tug O War" and apparently, it's "Tarik Tambang". Indonesia and Scottland are thousands of miles away yet they have the same kind of game, how interesting is that! And I have a confession to make, I've fallen deep in love with Scottish ladies dress and promise myself I must have one. Needless to say, I'm in search of a handsome tartan fabric. I'll upload the photo as soon as I have one! *fingerscrossed*

Too bad we didn't stay long enough until the fireworks and burning of the Viking boat :( But hey, there's always next year! I'll definitely come. 


Tatoulla said...

iiy seru bgt sih mar!!!aku naksir dengan rok kotak2 merekaa deeeeh!!next event ikut aah....

amaramara said...

iya ta, nanti yuk taun depan ikut :D iyaaa tartan nya lucu2 yaaa.. pdhl aku dl punya rok kotak2 gitu, skrg udh entah dimana?? aku semalem browsing2 dan dapet website buat order tartan yg original... gila gawat2 internet sesatttt

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