Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest Cravings

Sometimes I wonder why do old photos, especially the old happy moments photos can bring such pain in the future? One of my friends when I was in Germany messaged me on facebook, then one thing led to another, I started to look at those old photos and began reminiscing. 

Then there this one photo caught my eyes, one photo taken when I was having dinner in Alsace, France. I still remember clearly, I had a plate of Flammekueche and a bottle of Keror Sparkling Apple Cider

Dear God, with my eyes closed, my tongue really can feel the taste of the flammekueche and sparkling apple cider now. I was so into the Sparkling Apple Cider and used to buy it every week. Either Keror Sparkling Apple Cider or Château Normandie Sparkling Apple Cider. Now, my misery is, I can't find any flammekueche nor a bottle of sparkling apple cider (european brand preferably) here in Indonesia :( Do you know anyone from Europe coming down to Indonesia next month maybe? Or where to get both items in Indonesia. I'm so desperate...

This is exactly why I hate looking at old photos in Europe. Because those were the days when I had everything I wanted and needed. Urgh blehkk I hate cravings, cravings make me weak and whining all the time.

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