Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Cleanaholic Bestfriend.

I've been meaning to post this particular issue for a couple of weeks and at last, here it is. Tata darling, you can start smiling now. This is about you :)

Tata/Tiki/Tikyta is one of my BFFs with obsessive cleanliness. Real talk. She is a cleanaholic. Her world is where everything is clean and shiny, neat and tidy, organized and systematic, fluff and dust free. As her friends (me and the other girls), we are familiar with her habits and we find it all rather affectionate and downright hilarious. She even laughs at herself at times but she can’t help the way she is. She. Just. Loves. Cleaning. However she did say to me that it's a tiring habit. She has been trying to sleep on dirty dishes, but failed every time. She just had to get up and wash them, only then she can sleep peacefully. She'd even still be mopping minutes before going out, and yes, mopping in high heels.

She likes the smell of floor cleaner and furniture polish almost as much as she enjoys the smell of food / fresh air. There was time when she stayed at my house in Bali, I got no maid at that time so had to do the cleaning by myself. One morning, I was cleaning the floor then suddenly she woke up and  first thing came out of her mouth was "Ohhhhhh mmmmmhhh how I love carbol smell." Freaky isn't it? :p

She will get off the couch when she is covered up, cozy and dozing off to move a picture few centimeters back into place. True story. I will post some photos of her apartment in Singapore, oh yes authentic evidence is needed ;) I took the photos last month when I went there and visited her place.

She also has her ways in stacking her pile of clothes, if you go traveling with her, ask her to show you her suitcase. Prepare to be SURPRISED!!! Don't say I didn't warn you ;) Her suitcase is always, always perfectly organized and very systematic. She always helps me packing my suitcase when traveling, and my other girls' suitcases. 

Tata darling, I hope you can control your cleanaholic thing before it reaches Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Cleaning Queen stage. Being cleanaholic is actually great, your house will always be like Tata's :) Yet one must be careful, try not to be obsessed with it. Too much of everything will suck you up. But you know what Tata darling, I love you for being cleanaholic, but don't let it eat you up :) But I can't deny that you inspired people to clean up and be tidy, such a great influence on people! Keep it up my friend and put down that mop now will you darling, you can mop the floors tomorrow morning. LOL ((:

Tata (right) and I (left) in Ku De Ta, Bali 2009.

Check out Tata's blog to know her better: TATOULLA


Tatoulla said...

YES!!sayaaa si pembantuuuu...makasih lo..lengkaap....errrrgh.....

amaramara said...

uhuk uhuk uhuk ;D hihihi i did my research alright! tp blm lengkap loh sebenernya. ini aja dipendek2in biar ga kepanjangan, tetep kan jdnya panjang :p hehehehehe

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