Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vernon Sanders Law

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.”

Friday, June 25, 2010

Preggy yet?

The one question I received from practically everybody, EVERY TIME.

Truth be told, I almost reach the point where I don't want to answer anymore and plus,  people, mind your own business please, thank you! I so in need of "patience" refill before I'm getting rude. I am married but not preggy yet. Not every just married couple want to have babies straight ahead. I wasn't the kind of woman who plans to marry young and have lots of babies shortly after. I was the woman who didn't want to get married. I don't expect people to understand though, I just want people to know that fact. 

The baby fever is high though, lately it seems like every new married couple getting pregnant. I'm happy for them :) However, it doesn't change my mind yet. My husband doesn't mind, he's in the whatever happens, happens mood. So, we haven't really been trying. I'm so not ready to be pregnant, be obnoxiously fat woman and stay up all night and only thinking about the baby.

More to that, unlike most women, I don't go gaa gaa over babies and not a big fan of kids. Cute babies, toddlers and kids are my family's, relative's or friend's. Stranger's not so much. I think they're annoying especially those from the age of 4-9, pre-pubescent, and growing teenagers. Oh Gawd.. all that hormones... and all the horrors. And how expensive having kids these days. 

Some people call me Ice Queen, some even wonders if my heart still beats (it still does, healthily.) but deep down inside I can be quite 'human' and as fragile as a porcelain. I just don't show it much and people just gotta puncture the right holes to unleash the weepy mushy girl inside of me ;)

I do want to have babies one day, but not now. Be it being really pregnant or rent surrogate mother or adopt orphan child (Not so sure my dad would approve the last one, but I'm really okay with it). Some people say to me, "Don't wait much longer, God wouldn't give you when you actually want to have babies." and "You're gonna be the oldest parent in the kindergarten." And blah-blah-blah. People have opinions and they can say whatever they want but hey, know your limits. If I already told you my reason, just accept it and ask the same question no more. It's absolutely annoying. I believe one thing, if God wants me to be pregnant by now, He would have! Up until now, I can say that He hears me and understands me. I will get pregnant in His time, but not now, not this year :)
"He has made every thing beautiful in His time: also he has set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God makes from the beginning to the end."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Which Destinations Have You Visited?

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Early 70’s PanAm Destination Brochures by George Tscherny
I so love this darling colorful design! 

Isaiah 55: 8-9

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Kissing Nurse

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - AUGUST 14, 1945: A jubilant American sailor clutching a white-uniformed nurse in a back-bending, passionate kiss as he vents his joy while thousands jam Times Square to celebrate the long awaited-victory over Japan. 
It's perhaps the most iconic photograph from the victory celebrations of World War II, and the nurse who made it possible, Edith Shain, is dead at 91.

Reuters reports that Shain, the nurse in the famous Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph from the V-J celebrations in Times Square marking the end of U.S. hostilities with Japan, died in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Shain worked at Doctor's Hospital in New York during the war, and her kiss with the anonymous sailor -- his identity has never been discovered -- was captured by Eisenstaedt for LIFE.

"My mom was always willing take on new challenges and caring for the World War II veterans energized her to take another chance to make a difference," said son Justin Decker.
photo via life.com
Oh actually, the American sailor name was George Mendonça. Found it on the internet somewhere. I love this photo, it says many things words can not say. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iOS4 on my 3Gs

Eventhough I don't have an iPhone 4, but the iOS4 is now running on my iPhone 3Gs since yesterday. I recommend everyone who uses iPhones and iPods to upgrade! Thank you, Apple :) I am so in love!


I really love taking photos. Of people, of animals, of things. Of any different occasions and of mostly anything. Because people come and go. They scratch a little, they love a little, they make you cry a little. Then the marks disappear as the wounds finally heal. But memories do stay. And I want to have a place in my megabyte memories to cherish them.

Doesn't matter how small they might be.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup 2010

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Source: Wikipedia
Bibliophilia or bibliophilism is the love of books. Accordingly a bibliophile is an individual who loves books.

This is not my first time posting an entry about my love to books. See my earlier entry about this, by clicking here. And once again, I love books. I'm too fond of books and sometimes it turns my brain. Books are really the most birthday present for me, yes I'm giving you a clue here ;)

Ever since I learned how to read (and probably even before that), I have been madly in love with books. My favorite memories from childhood were, forcing my childhood friends to play library and making my parents buy me lots of books (End Blyton's series, Noddy series, Disney's storybooks and many more) and still to this very day, my husband still finds me fall asleep with a book in my hand.

For this very reason alone, I'm quite smitten with this website that I stumbled into few days ago: out of print clothing. The mission of this company is not only to spread the love of reading by having nerds like yours truly (guilty!) wear their heart (aka, favorite book cover) on their sleeve (or chest), but also partnering with books for Africa to donate one book for every shirt sold. Take a look few of their tees below!

My favorite part is their description of the relaxed fit of their tees: "each shirt is treated to feel soft and worn like a well read book". Oh yes, I'm SOLD!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mac Love

There's this new saying that has been spreading around the net in which I think really true!"Life was much simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits."Let's analyze this, shall we?

I don't know about Blackberry, I'm not a user and I don't think I will be (yea, the onyx from my in-laws is now used by my husband). Right, so, before Apple, I didn't really care with technology and so on. All I cared about was the computer's working, I can chat, I can send e-mail and store files. 

After Apple, life is getting complicated. First I wanted the iPod then iMac then MacBook then iPhone then iPhone Apps then new iPod then new iPhone then Airport then iPad and God knows the rest. See what I mean? 

And just to make Mac lovers' life even more complicated, yesterday they launched the new iPhone 4. Great. And boy, Steve Jobs were pretty cocky actually. He said, "No one used computers until Macintosh. No one listened to MP3 players until iPod. No one made video calls until iPhone 4." Ha! This time I must disagree with you Mr. Jobs, although I would love to have iPhone 4, I'm still grateful with my iPhone 3Gs. I have a digicam which pixel is more than 5.0 mp. I could live without LED flash. I don't get along pretty well with video calls (Ugh video calls, nightmare! I have a story on this one. Ex-lover involved, not good). 

Until this very moment, I don't feel the great urgency to upgrade my 3Gs to 4. It's lovely yet unnecessary. I'll just wait the free software on June 21st 2010 for my 3Gs, my baby would be lovelier. One last statement, a rather pathetic one, I'm still dying for an iPad 3G *boohoo*. Time to end this confession of a Mac-aholic. You do understand now, why life is much simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Personality Check

OMG this is terribly and amazingly true. Well, not 100% but like 95% accurate. But still, I'm still shocked... 


Amarantha, March 17th 19**

You are Black Wolf person, who gives an impression of being difficult and rather stiff.
But you are also simple and honest.
You are responsible person and are able to observe other people well.
You are intelligent and never lose your composure.
You lead life slowly at your pace keeping your dreams and hopes.
You tend to be calm and objective, but you also have complicated side to your personality.
You are an artistic type of person.
You have good sense of humor, and have lots of talent, and are good at making conversation.
You are indifferent to public opinion and custom. --- (OMG !!! so me!)
You strictly stick to your philosophy and rules of life.  --- yes yes yes I rule my own life!
You have unique identity, and people tend to see you as an inconsiderate person who is not prepossessed with common sense.
Your attitude gives an impression of unemotional cold hearted person. --- HAHAHA esp THIS ONE!
You may end up receiving great fortune and honor from no where. --- AMEN.
But this may be far from your will.
Your defiant energy is great.
You can use your individuality to do things that no other person can, and lead happy fulfilled life. --- well yea, I'm grateful with my life and happy when I have friends around and no friends around.

Then I clicked on the wolf to see the general characteristics & personality, ANOTHER SHOCKING FACTS! 

1. Wolves like to be called "eccentric"

2. Wolves have their own way of doing things  --- TRUE TRUE TRUE

3. Wolves value time alone and space --- very much.

4. Wolves don't like having their pace disrupted

5. Wolves don't say much 

6. Wolves are good at taking charge

7. Wolves have an amazing chronological memory --- AHHH YESSS YESSS YESSS.

8. Wolves don't mind performing simple tasks

9. For some reason, Wolves love to drive

10. Wolves like to watch things in motion

People, that person being described above is me! Eventhough I didn't underline every sentence, but when I read them I felt like I got stabbed right into my heart. OMG how could this be freakishly near accurate? Haha.. you guys should try this, it's pretty fun ;)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long
No matter what I say or do
I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone

You hold me without touch.
You keep me without chains
I never wanted anything so much
Than to drown in your love and not feel your rain

Set me free, leave me be
I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity
Here I am and I stand so tall
Just the way I'm supposed to be
But you're on to me and all over me

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile
When I thought that I was strong
But you touch me for a little while
And all my fragile strength is gone

I live here on my knees
As I try to make you see
That you're everything I think I need
Here on the ground

But you're neither friend nor foe
Though I can't seem to let you go
The one thing that I still know
Is that you're keeping me down

You're on to me, on to me, and all over
Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long 

--- Amara's current most favorite song ---

Barney Stinson

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Kahlil Gibran

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I hate surprises, whether they are well-intended or otherwise. I didn't mean to create a negative vibe here, yet I need to tell you the truth. Surprises suck. I wish I was one of those people who liked surprises, but I rather enjoy predictable. I like surprises in jokes. I like plot-twists, as long as the writers don’t cheat. 

The most simple example would be birthdays. It isn't like this weird love-hate thing where I actually love it. I actually hate it. I don't want to experience/open something I am not even the slightest bit sure about and have to try to pretend to like it, because I suck at pretending. I actually started hating surprises not so long ago, some time in 2004. Because as far as I remember, I had a superfun surprise birthday party in 2003, don't ask, please, I don't feel like going walking down the memory lane. But since 2004, surprises are downright annoying. I often had to hide/getaway from my house  on my birthdays, just to avoid surprises and not to hurt anyone's feeling. 

I used to think it's  kind of romantic that your loved one surprises you and do something you really like without telling you. But that was before 2004, remember? Just my luck, my husband loves surprises. I actually almost ruined two so far because I get mad at him each time he tries to surprise me. So please, if you are my friend and if you love me, spare the surprises. I. HATE.IT. Just come clean and tell me what's the plan and what you're up to, I promise you I could be the happiest girl in the world and love you to pieces. But if you surprise me, even if it's a real good one, just so you know, it makes me upset and hurt a little.

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