Sunday, June 06, 2010

Personality Check

OMG this is terribly and amazingly true. Well, not 100% but like 95% accurate. But still, I'm still shocked...

Amarantha, March 17th 19**

You are Black Wolf person, who gives an impression of being difficult and rather stiff.
But you are also simple and honest.
You are responsible person and are able to observe other people well.
You are intelligent and never lose your composure.
You lead life slowly at your pace keeping your dreams and hopes.
You tend to be calm and objective, but you also have complicated side to your personality.
You are an artistic type of person.
You have good sense of humor, and have lots of talent, and are good at making conversation.
You are indifferent to public opinion and custom. --- (OMG !!! so me!)
You strictly stick to your philosophy and rules of life.  --- yes yes yes I rule my own life!
You have unique identity, and people tend to see you as an inconsiderate person who is not prepossessed with common sense.
Your attitude gives an impression of unemotional cold hearted person. --- HAHAHA esp THIS ONE!
You may end up receiving great fortune and honor from no where. --- AMEN.
But this may be far from your will.
Your defiant energy is great.
You can use your individuality to do things that no other person can, and lead happy fulfilled life. --- well yea, I'm grateful with my life and happy when I have friends around and no friends around.

Then I clicked on the wolf to see the general characteristics & personality, ANOTHER SHOCKING FACTS! 

1. Wolves like to be called "eccentric"

2. Wolves have their own way of doing things  --- TRUE TRUE TRUE

3. Wolves value time alone and space --- very much.

4. Wolves don't like having their pace disrupted

5. Wolves don't say much 

6. Wolves are good at taking charge

7. Wolves have an amazing chronological memory --- AHHH YESSS YESSS YESSS.

8. Wolves don't mind performing simple tasks

9. For some reason, Wolves love to drive

10. Wolves like to watch things in motion

People, that person being described above is me! Eventhough I didn't underline every sentence, but when I read them I felt like I got stabbed right into my heart. OMG how could this be freakishly near accurate? Haha.. you guys should try this, it's pretty fun ;)

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