Friday, June 25, 2010

Preggy yet?

The one question I received from practically everybody, EVERY TIME.

Truth be told, I almost reach the point where I don't want to answer anymore and plus,  people, mind your own business please, thank you! I so in need of "patience" refill before I'm getting rude. I am married but not preggy yet. Not every just married couple want to have babies straight ahead. I wasn't the kind of woman who plans to marry young and have lots of babies shortly after. I was the woman who didn't want to get married. I don't expect people to understand though, I just want people to know that fact. 

The baby fever is high though, lately it seems like every new married couple getting pregnant. I'm happy for them :) However, it doesn't change my mind yet. My husband doesn't mind, he's in the whatever happens, happens mood. So, we haven't really been trying. I'm so not ready to be pregnant, be obnoxiously fat woman and stay up all night and only thinking about the baby.

More to that, unlike most women, I don't go gaa gaa over babies and not a big fan of kids. Cute babies, toddlers and kids are my family's, relative's or friend's. Stranger's not so much. I think they're annoying especially those from the age of 4-9, pre-pubescent, and growing teenagers. Oh Gawd.. all that hormones... and all the horrors. And how expensive having kids these days. 

Some people call me Ice Queen, some even wonders if my heart still beats (it still does, healthily.) but deep down inside I can be quite 'human' and as fragile as a porcelain. I just don't show it much and people just gotta puncture the right holes to unleash the weepy mushy girl inside of me ;)

I do want to have babies one day, but not now. Be it being really pregnant or rent surrogate mother or adopt orphan child (Not so sure my dad would approve the last one, but I'm really okay with it). Some people say to me, "Don't wait much longer, God wouldn't give you when you actually want to have babies." and "You're gonna be the oldest parent in the kindergarten." And blah-blah-blah. People have opinions and they can say whatever they want but hey, know your limits. If I already told you my reason, just accept it and ask the same question no more. It's absolutely annoying. I believe one thing, if God wants me to be pregnant by now, He would have! Up until now, I can say that He hears me and understands me. I will get pregnant in His time, but not now, not this year :)
"He has made every thing beautiful in His time: also he has set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God makes from the beginning to the end."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

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