Thursday, August 05, 2010

I Miss Karlsruhe...

Coat of Arms, Karlsruhe

Scloss Karlsruhe, this is the view from the building I lived in :) Sweet isnt it?

Part of the Schloss, very pretty!

Backyard Garden of the Schloss :)

View from the back of the Schloss

with my flatmate Lisa at Kaiserstrasse. Our home was the building behind H&M ;)
Kaiserstrasse :)

The Botanical Garden


Where I enjoy the sun, read a book, have lunch, hang out and play.

Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof

Multi Kulti Cafe, I just needed to walk downstairs from my room to Ground Floor.
Outer side of Multi Kulti Cafe and I lived on 4th floor of that building.
Ludwigsplatz, beer time :D

Sandkorn-Theater, the place to watch musicals, plays, cabaretts

ZKM Filmpalast, place to watch movies!

Another photo of Ludwigsplatz - gosh I miss this place!!!!!
Unterhaus, one of the nightclubs in town!
I love strolling down here.. :)
some photos by myself and some I taken from Wikimedia Commons.

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