Friday, September 10, 2010

Another SG Trip

Few days ago I went with my husband to Singapore for the upteenth time this year (I lost count, honestly). You guys prolly wondering why I go there a lot. I have several reasons...
  • Reason #1. My dear brother lives in Singapore. He needs to be visited every once in a while :) 
  • Reason #2. My close friend lived there too until last July. Of course I enjoy hanging out with her! 
  • Reason #3. It is one of my husband's favorite cities in Asia. He loves Singapore more than Jakarta.
  • Reason #4. Business trip(s). 
  • Reason #5. Shopping is more fun in Singapore. Everything is cheaper.
  • Reason #6. I looove the foods and drinks! Culinary trip in Singapore is my biggest interest
  • Reason #7. Getting away from the messy and awful traffic in Jakarta is a must, every once in a while.
So, here are the highlights of my trip few days ago. I was there for 5 days and staying at my brother's rented place. And oh it was not a business trip, it was a leisure one :) Thank the Lord!

newly found ramen-ya.
reunited with my fav crepe at max brenner
my brother, my husband and I

accidentally met old friends
more friends! ikea tampines is so similar to ikea freiburg ya nyil?

crossed path with the best pizza place in singapore

fell in love with the yummiest takoyaki

Befriended this katsu set
had lovely reunion with daim almondy cake

Say hi to my newest friend, the iPad :)
my BFF at food opera

I can buy them anytime I want

favorite junk food breakfast

circle line is now running! train is coming, train is cominggg...

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