Thursday, September 16, 2010

Farewell Shinta...

She passed away on Wednesday, September 14th 2010 at 23.35 in Jakarta. The next morning was the day I received the news from her sister, Shanty. That was one morning I can't forget, woke up to hear the news that Shinta was no more. She lost the battle against lupus...

Shinta and I went to the same university, at first I befriended her sister Shanty because we're at the same age. Shinta was younger. Then cut the story short, we crossed path again in Bali. We worked together at this hotel, we were also in the same department - thanks Shanty! We were new comers in Bali (although Shinta and Shanty are Balinese, they grew up in Vienna - Austria), we went to same university, her sister and I are friends so we were quite inseparable back then. 

We always had lunch together, bought lunch for our boss together because the canteen was still under construction. We made a great team at work, it was so easy to work with her. She was smart, hard worker and energetic. If something went wrong at work, she always tried her best to fix it. Someone had trouble, she always helped. She always smiles. However, just like normal human beings, she complains too.. but rarely. We were close back then, so I was the only one at work who knows what her issues are. Yet she's always take the bright-side of every single issue, her positive thinking attitude was amazing.

And ohhh, our dinners together... just the two of us after work! Sometimes with Shanty or our other friends from work too. We went to the supermarket together, numerous times to our favorite pizza place, multiple visits to PEPeNERO jimbaran, those small warungs in pecatu and jimbaran area. Of course Laota restaurant was also our favorite, when our craze of steamed fish were high, we went to Laota every night for a week!! :) Or sometimes we just hung out at her place just switching stories about our lives, love, faith, work and the world. Shinta was a devout Hindu and she looked up to Sai Baba. We had many plans together to go out and explore Bali together which now I know will never happen. She was a family woman, she loved her family so much. She used to stay over every weekend at Shanty's place and in regular basis calling her parents and younger sister. I got to meet her last boyfriend and went out together and had dinner. We shared the same interest, traveling! Shinta was the only person I knew who got the guts to do Bungee Jumping in Macau. FYI, it is the highest peak for doing Bungee Jumping in the world! Brave girl. I could go on and on telling the things I know about her... yet in simple words, she was my closest friend in Bali. Oh dear... I got watery eyes just by writing this paragraph :( 

After she got really sick, about a year ago, she had to move back home her parents. Moving from one hospital to another because her sickness was unidentifiable. A lot of things happened since she was sick. We were still in touch of course back then, I checked up on her every once in a while. Until one day she showed up at work very weak. She flew from Jakarta to Bali on a wheelchair, her legs were so weak. I fetched her up and helped her to walk and seeing our boss to explain her situation. Then I helped her back to the car, I wished her speedy recovery and we hugged. Then I saw her took off. Little did I know, that that was the last time I saw her...

We only phonecalled each other every once in a while to update our situations. I was very busy at work and she was fighting her sickness. Then I resigned from work few months after. Until today I blamed myself for not being a good friend for her as she was to me. We lost contact :'(

Shinta I know you won't be here to read this and but I have so much to talk about. I was planning to visit you at the hospital today, to explain everything and to finally see you and joke around with you again. But you left this world 2 days before. I went through a messy hardship when I resigned from work and forgetting everything seemed to help me moving on. I never meant to cut you off from my life. Never. And I knew you were still sick. I was still in time to time wondering how you holding up. I did pray for you. Then last week I heard from Shanty that you need blood donor because your condition was getting worse. I was so anxious and decided to visit you as soon as possible. But I was  too late and I terribly regret that and that is the bitter fact I have to live with.

I still can't believe that Shinta not with us anymore. At her funeral, I never thought I'll be seeing a coffin with her photos around. Since she died, I’ve been looking through pictures from yesteryear. In every photo, she looks happy and embracing life and the world. If only we took more photos back then :') You were special, Shinta. To me and everyone who loves you. Rest in peace dear sweet friend Made Shinta Pravita Dewi :( You're forever in my heart and you'll be deeply missed... I love you.

To honor Shinta who cremated today, I wish her a smooth path to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa and have many good karma with her. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.....

Our team in Bali on Batik Day 2009
Training break :) We always sat next to each other!

F&B team dined at PEPeNERO Jimbaran

Lovely Sunday with Shinta, Shanty and Mayka (Shanty's daughter)
Shinta and I in front of the resort.
I made this get-well-soon paper and distributed to everyone at work to sign. Later Shinta put this photo file on her facebook photo profile :')

One of those days at our favorite pizza place! :) 

a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a bestfriend, a co-worker, a great friend
Made Shinta Pravita Dewi Arnaya
December 7th 1983 - September 14th 2010

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