Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nujuh Bulanan

Today I attended my very first time Nujuh Bulanan! Yay! You're probably wondering, what the heck is Nujuh Bulanan? Chillax, I'm going to describe it here now... 

Nujuh Bulanan is a Javanese prenatal ceremony held during the seventh month (tujuh bulan in Bahasa Indonesia) of a woman's first pregnancy. The mother-to-be is wrapped in seven layers of batik and doused with water, to wish her good tidings. It's a time to celebrate and to honor the new family, wishing them both well and wishing her a safe and smooth labor. It's essentially the Javanese version of a "baby shower". While it's attended by family and close friends like the western baby shower, that's about all they have in common. There are no gifts exchanged, no games played. It's pure ceremony. 

The Nujuh Bulanan I attended earlier today was my dear cousin Lindi Lengkong's. She's due in late November, yay more nephew!!! Yes it's going to be a boy. I couldn't be more happier for her and Ari the husband. Ari is Javanese, which explains why my Minahasan cousin is having a Javanese baby shower. When looking at the photos, you probably will scream, to me "He's Caucasian, not Javanese!" Yes he looks so bule because one of his grandparents was an English native, capish?

My big fat Minahasan family members who live in Jakarta were mostly there... put it short, we had fun. I was automatically switched to my native language, Bahasa Manado although now I must admit, I'm starting to lose the accent! I am no longer sound as original as my cousins'. How could this be possible? *sigh* Need to come home soon to practice...

Anyhoo the food was great too. The meatballs were to-die-for. Possibly the bestest I've tasted in years. I miss today already. I need to stop whining, so here I present you some of the photos from the Nujuh Bulanan! :)

The beautiful mommy-to-be minutes before the showering ceremony

Part of the setting, shower ceremony place

The 'fitting ceremony', in which the bride is dressed to show her best as a gleaming new Mom

The selling of the rujak, a spicy soup of assorted fruits.  The guests are given wooden or clay coins, and they purchase a cupful of rujak from the couple. The rujak was spicy which means the baby is expected to be a boy.
That's my cousin Lindi Lengkong & I :)
These are some of the girls in my big fat Minahasan family, the rest (like 50 more of them) couldn't come because most of them live in Manado and everywhere else.

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