Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I Become What I (Used to) Hate

Have you ever experienced this? I surely have been. The older I get, the worse it gets. The more I hate about something, somehow in near / far future I grow loving that something. Okay I know I'm talking gibberish here... but let me give you some examples:
*note: fact = past ;  // = present

Fact #1. I don't wanna marry young or even better, not being married at all. 
// I got married when I was 26 years old. 

Fact #2. I vowed that I will never marry a Minahasan man. 
// Jonah is 100% pure Minahasan. 

Fact #3. I am going to be a big corporate lady, at the top of management. 
// I lost my will to work for big companies and only want to work for myself. I am my own boss. 

Fact #4. When I was a teenager, I really hate Germany. Everything about Germany. 
// I went to a German uni, had German lecturers, lived in Germany, learned how to speak German and now I love everything about Germany. 

Fact #5. I so hate Jose Mourinho, that effing arrogant person.
// He is now the coach of my favorite club/team in the world, Real Madrid. And now I kinda like him... ERghhhhh!!!

Fact #6. I want to be with someone who loves the beach as much as I do. 
// Beach is just way too hot for Jonah. He's a mountain man.

Fact #7. I was a business student - and corporate finance is my weakest point, I hate that subject the most even though I managed to get a B on my certificate (Until today I still amazed I could get a B - it's a miracle). But still hate is hate.
// What I do for my living now involves this dearest subject. I even have to refresh my memory and this subject makes some money. Oh dear. It's everyday corporate finance now. 

Fact #8. I don't ever wanna live in a haunted house. 
// My house in Bali is haunted. Cross my heart it's true.

Fact #9. I dislike Ancient Egypt history. 
// I'm now very interested in Ancient Egypt history. Rick Riordan, you changed my life. 

Fact #10. Hospitality world is crap.
// My husband was majoring hospitality management, it is his world. In Bali, I worked for a resort... and apparently it probably the best working experience for me where I don't mind going home so late / stay at work as long as I could. I learned so many things there. It's an eye-opening experience.

Are those 10 examples enough for you to understand my concern? It's getting worse everyday... Anyone has any good explanation why is this keep happening to me? It's - I told myself to not hate it and now I love it' - everytime. To anticipate this from happening again, I'm trying my best not to hate something way too much. Is this going to work? We shall see... I will definitely post the end result sometime in near or far future. Just wait.

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