Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Little Reunion

Reunited with old friends, we used to hang out everyday for 3 years of my life. Met at work and really connected. We live faraway from each other now, but yesterday three of us reunited once again! We don't change at all, just we don't get to see each other everyday anymore. First pic is from yesterday, the rest of the photos are the ones from 2005 to 2008, our best moments (:
Us in 2011 ((: Dyah sadly couldn't make it. I so look forward to future reunion!!

We worked at the bank which cooperate with many restaurants in the country, and staffs get huge discounts.This was when our office cooperated with Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, so four of us had dinner there after work ((:
This is us at Jimbaran Seafood - front beach restaurant in Bali. From left to right: Yours Truly, Maria Situmeang, Dyah Soejatman, Henny Siambaton.

This was my farewell dinner, I was the first one who resigned from our office. I took the girls to The Cafe, Hotel Mulia. It was a buffet dinner and we went mad and stayed there for 4 hours - eating, drinking and laughing.

One of our silly pictures, we have TONS.

I'm the youngest yet they're even sillier than me!

Another hang out moment at Bakerzin, Plaza Senayan. We had lunch here quite a lot.

CS Team AKA Country Style Team, you can find us here every morning and every afternoon (((; Country Style is located at the Lobby. This must be one of those Friday afternoons... Friday is the only day we can wear jeans!!

With Maria's kids, Angela and Bernard.

Dove Photoshoot. No explanation necessary d;

After the Dove photoshoot ((;
We are the regular customers of Coffee Bean Plaza Senayan. This was when I took a day off then these two FORCED me to come. Plaza Senayan is definitely NOT the place to go when you're on your day off, because it's only 5 minutes walk from your office. It has the "I'm working today"-feel. I guess I love these two ladies too much.
At Henny & Ori's Wedding (: We wore kebaya uniforms ((:

Shortly after Henny left to Sydney, we took this picture for her.

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