Friday, January 28, 2011

Tennis, anyone?

I love tennis. It's in my genes. My family from my mother's side definitely Tennis-maniacs. My grandparents played tennis all the time, my grandmother had her own tennis club until the day she couldn't walk anymore. My grandfather trained her daughter (my mother's older sister - Lany Kaligis) to play pro. 

My aunt, Lany Kaligis.
Long story short, my aunt Lany Kaligis was the first Indonesian to reach the later rounds of a Grand Slam competitions (Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, US Open), won Gold medals for Indonesia many times and even a regular representative of Indonesia in the Fed Cup. Just click on her name, I put a link to her Wikipedia page. I adore her so much and very proud to have an aunt like her. She's friends with Martina Navratilova, Billi Jean King, Gabriella Sabatini and many others top tennis players from the past. My aunt was really good and she is still playing and coaching tennis until today. 

My darling cousin, Matulanda "Lala" Lumanauw.

Her daughter/my darling cousin Matulanda Lumanauw also a tennis pro player. Eventhough she's not as successful as her mother, I'm also so damn proud of her. She got into the list of top 10 women tennis player in Indonesia for a few weeks. But today she already stopped playing pro, she's now playing tennis just for fun.

Mom won some medals at her office's tennis tournament

After my parents got married, my father spent the first Christmas holiday with my mother's family. He was shocked. After morning Christmas service at church, the whole family went home, had Christmas lunch. Then they started to change clothes, gathered their tennis rackets and balls. They were all heading to tennis courts, on Christmas day! They played the whole afternoon... my father never played tennis before, so he only watched them playing from the bench. Boy that pissed him off badly *LoL* then he started to learn how to play. My aunt Lany taught him and he can play ever since. Next holidays, my father officially became a "family member". LoL. My mother is pretty good too, she always wins tennis fun tournament at her office / surroundings.

Little Amara just learned how to play tennis. The other little girls on the back: My cousin Milka Inkiriwang and Matulanda "Lala" Lumanauw
My parents played tennis weekly when I was a little girl but I only started to learn when I was 5 / 6 years young. My very first coach was my own aunt Lany Kaligis, then I had several other coaches since my family moved around a lot. Played until college and didn't play for 6 years. I just started playing again last year. Thanks to my dear cousin, Denan Kaligis who is a tennis-freak. He played regularly twice/three times a week with those Top 10 Men tennis players in Indonesia. Don't get me wrong, all my cousins also can play, they're good too.

My dear cousin, Denan Kaligis. The sports-maniac.
But Denan was the one who intrigued the idea. One day out of the blue he just asked my husband and I, cousin Lala to play tennis just for fun. My husband definitely got hooked up and falls head over heels in love with tennis. We hired a coach for my husband and I (7 years of absence, yea I need to practice again) and been playing every week since then. My aunt Lany Kaligis said we also can practice with her anytime, so we're getting to it next month. She's happy when people want to play tennis regularly.

Two of my tennis rackets on a tennis court, sunday morning.

My Husband!

I love tennis. I love the rules of tennis. I love the sound when you hit the ball. I love the smell of new tennis balls (Dunlop balls my favorite). I also looove tennis outfits (: I'm going to attach few photos of cute tennis outfits below. But first I must warn you, I an Adidas fan! So you will see a lot of Adidas tennis outfits *teehee* and I love Ana Ivanovic. So, tennis... what's not to love? Let's play!

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