Sunday, February 06, 2011

No Strings Attached

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There are two things that attract me into watching this movie. Reason number 1, Natalie Portman of course. Being one of her biggest fans, I'm much oblige for watching all her movies. Reason number 2, the movie title. I can very much relate to that. LoL. Last few years of my life being a single woman, I chose that path. Involved with the boys with no strings attached or today people call it "friends with benefits". Why did I choose that path? Because I was a Philophobia and just wanna have some harmless fun *triple-wink*. I was not exactly icey-queeney nor heartless, (some people told me that I'm such an ice-queen and cold-hearted girl - how could they say that!!!) I was just very careful with "labeling" my status. Of course I fell in and out of love with a few of them, well to me that's perfectly normal and I'm glad I went through those moments, they made me who I am today. No regrets.

I couldn't help but wonder, when I finally get to see this movie... will I have flashbacks? Will it be more or less the same? It's some sort of scary and exciting at the same time. I'm going to watch the movie next week and will update on the result. Bring it on!

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