Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stripe Rehab?

I love stripes. I love them. Stripe rehab might be needed. Everytime I went shopping with my husband, and grabbed something striped. “Don’t you already have one of those? ” he asked. “Errr, the one I have is another color / different type of stripe” I replied. Yes, that's me answering. Go to my closet and you'll find stripes galore. I have more than 20 striped shirts. In my defense, not all stripes are the same. There are all different types of stripes and different colors too! Why am I writing this entry? Two days ago I went to a mall and saw that some cute striped blouses are on sale... and I'm trying so hard not to buy them while having this strong urge to just buy them. What do you think, should I buy them or should I not? Or... do you think I need to have stripe rehab? Help! 

1/4 of my striped collections!

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