Friday, March 18, 2011

March 17

I had a very lovely birthday (: Thank Jesus! My favorite football team Real Madrid won against Olympique Lyonnais (3-0) and advancing to quarter-finals of the Champions League, wore striped blouse day and night (mood booster), spent the day with lovely people, got many sweet birthday wishes on facebook - twitter - cellphone, got the best birthday present from my husband - the Just Being Audrey book!!! I feel so loved and blessed (: God is so good to me!

Went on a dinner at an Italian restaurant, PEPeNERO with my husband and parents but I forgot to bring the camera, bummer! ): 

Anyhoo, here are the photos from March 17th 2011:

Just Being Audrey, the book! Yaaayyy!!

Removing the plastic cover

First time opening the book...

Wow wow wow!!!

Thanking my husband for the book! Love you darling xoxo

I'm the proud owner of Just Being Audrey book!

My darling cousin, Lala, came to the house that morning (:

In front of my house...

Mc. Donald's for breakfast!

Sausage Egg McMuffin always has a special place in my heart (:

Lunch at Kafe Betawi - one of my fav Indonesian restaurants, with my husband Jonah and his fellow rugby player - Jeremy.

Beer night with my friends (:

Beer night or couples night? Hmmmm... ^_^

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