Monday, April 25, 2011

Spread Smile!

In the midst of everyday drama and constant kill-joy in our lives, take some time to spread smile. Smile to your loved ones, colleagues and even strangers, your smile will make people happy and let out positive attitudes. 

Browse and stumble into lovely websites also can make you smile! I recommend Katie Sokoler's blog - awesome, awesome blog by insanely creative woman! I'm going to do several amazing things she did, should be fun! I'll keep you posted of course (; Also subscribe on this youtube account and tick on receiving e-mail everytime they have new uploads. They never fail me, such a mood booster. They make my heart smile (;

Smile! Smile! Smile! 

Amara in 2004.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

El Clásico

El Clásico (English: The Classic), also known as El derbi Español or El Clàssic,[1] is the name given to any football match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. It is contested twice a year in the Spanish La Liga competition, and more often if the clubs meet in other competitions. Other than the UEFA Champions League Final, it is the most followed club football match in the world, watched by hundreds of millions of people.[2]

The rivalry comes about as Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain, and the two clubs are the richest, most successful and influential football clubs in the country. Real Madrid has amassed 73 trophies and Barcelona 70, while Athletic Bilbao comes third with 32 trophies. They are sometimes identified with opposing political positions, with Real Madrid viewed as representing Spanish nationalism, and Barcelona viewed as representing Catalan nationalism.

source: Wikipedia

Last night was the first El Clásico this year, I call it El Clásico part 1 for La Liga competition and the end result was:

It was a very intense game, my heart was beating like crazy. I'm a Madridista, yet FC Barcelona is my second favorite team, simply because half of the team are Spanish National Football Players. My ultimate favorite football team. Breaks my heart everytime I have to see they're playing against each other. 

Oh well, 3 more El Clásico matches to go within 18 days. Bring it on!!

¡Hala Madrid!

Charlie Chaplin

16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977
Happy Birthday Sir Charles Spence Chaplin
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yes, I Am!

Be it with using my iPhone, Digicam or DSLR, I'm one picture taking freak. Sadly I'm not one of those professional photographer. I just love capturing moments for sentimental reason.

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Guide to Life...

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Boxes of Chocolates

Yay! My dad-in-law just got back from Dallas and brought these heavenly chocolates! Macadamiaaaaa and Godiva and Peanut Butter, I loouve! *hearts*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabo Links

Hello darlings (:

Here are the rad things I found over the internet, enjoy!

How cool is Nemo33? This place really makes me want to learn how to dive! I could only wish, my ears condition is not allowing me to dive ): Boohoo.

Egg timer! Who knew!

I'm so in love with Norway...

Beautiful, sweet, vintage-feely wedding

Hillsong United is coming to Jakarta! I just pre-registered to secure invitations / special price tix. I really hope my husband and I could attend and worship God. 

Planning a quick (and nearby) getaway some time soon with my husband and if possible, with our close friends to Pulau Macan / Tiger Island. Only 88 minutes from Jakarta by boat. Who wants to tag along?
Why Chinese mothers are superior? Find out why! I may not agree with some of her methods, nevertheless I admire her determination. Still, who am I to judge her, her daughter obviously emerged into one smart teenager who just got accepted into Harvard. So, moms, thoughts?

I know I'm too old for a tree house, still someday I'd build one just like this for me. Best place to read books.

Toodles! (:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Seven Ghosts

I stumbled upon this extraordinary article yesterday and really think that this is really worth sharing. I am not a surfer but, this looks like so much fun. Makes me want to learn how to surf. Indonesia has a lot of mad rad waves, so in order not to waste them I'm going to learn how to surf one day. For now, let's just enjoy this article! Awesome discovery, Rip Curl!

As discoveries of secret surf spots go, the incredible find by Rip Curl team members during a recent "Search" expedition in the jungles of Indonesia may be unrivaled.

What makes this latest wave discovery so fascinating is that it was made not on a coastline or island shore, but on a remote jungle river that gets pounded by a powerful tidal bore. But unlike other tidal bores that produce relatively small, mushy waves, this remarkable phenomenon pushes swells upstream in dream-like fashion at heights of 8 to 10 feet.

"This was our biggest score in twenty years of exploring," says Tom Curren, a former three-time world surfing champion who has been roaming the world's coastlines scouring for the proverbial perfect wave ever since winning his last world title in 1990. Because the soft-spoken champ has never been one to boast, his stories of this new spot called Seven Ghosts (named after the nearest jungle village) has his fans reeling. Interest surrounding the expedition is hitting a fever pitch as rumors of their score leaked out.

What's so stunning about this find is the wave's coffee-colored walls break from top to bottom, similar to the hollow powerful waves that peel over coral reefs. But the riverbank refraction of the primary wave sends rebound wedges perpendicular across the river, carving the secondary wave into a line of spinning peaks with cookie-cutter perfection. These mirror-reflection spinners appear choreographed, with all the symmetry of a Rockettes' leg kick, the likes of which has never be found in the least not yet.

These are some of the first stunning images of this amazing discovery. Rip Curl will surely be releasing more in the days ahead as they ramp up for the 50th Anniversary of the Rip Curl Pro, the world's longest running professional surfing contest, set for later this month.

Bruno Santos watches as Tom Curren settles into a perfect left while Dean Brady sets up for the right. Photo: Lachlan McKinnon

River lines. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Bruno Santos. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Dream right. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Dean Brady. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Dream left. Photo: Nate Lawrence

Bruno Santos, catching up with the first set. Photo: Ted Grambeau

Bruno Santos, watching the horizon. Photo: Ted Grambeau

Feeling out one of the first pulses. Bruno Santos. Photo: Ted Grambeau

River bore waves have never looked this hollow before. Photo: Ted Grambeau

Oney Anwar on a right-hand slope. Photo: Ted Grambeau

Dean Brady drawing a long line and settling in for an even longer ride. Photo: Ted Grambeau

The original Searcher, Tom Curren, finds the ghost. Photo: Ted Grambeau

 via Grind TV and Rip Curl.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Be Grateful

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Original Keep Calm and Carry On poster published in 1939.

I first saw this Keep Calm and Carry On posters when I first joined tumblr back in 2009. Exactly 70 years after those posters first produced. In 2009, people started to get creative with this poster, I must admit, I'm hooked! Nice additional decoration for home. I just have to print some of the posters, - the traditional phrase 'Keep Calm and Carry On' you can find many versions and parodies of it - frame them and put them on my wall. What do you think? Aren't they lovely!

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Like A Star

This lovely song by Corinne Bailey Rae is one of my favorites. This song warms my heart every time I hear it. Truly, one of the most emotional, touching, and heart-felt songs I have ever heard.. So relaxing. I wish music like this filled the airways instead of songs with messages of poppin' bottles in the club, sex, money and drugs. This song is a healer. It calms me down.

And to my surprise... my favorite female contestant on American Idol 10, Haley Reinhart, did a cover of this song a while back in 2008. Kudos to Haley! She surely did a great job (: Love her voice sooo much.  Go Haley! However, I still hope Scotty McCreery will win the American Idol and Haley's the runner up!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Nutella Mug Cake

By Angie McGowan - I thank you for creating this lovely and supereasy recipe (: 

I found the recipe on tumblr and then attempted to make it!I just made it and my life would never be the same. Neither will my waistline...

Anyhoo, here's the recipee:

  • 4 tablespoons self rising flour
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons Nutella
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 3 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil
  1. Combine all ingredients in a large coffee mug.
  2. Whisk well with a fork until smooth.
  3. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 – 3 minutes. (Time depends on microwave wattage. Mine took 1 /2 minutes.)
  4. Top with whipped cream and a little chocolate sauce if desired.
By far the best Cake in a Mug I have ever made. Oh and I didn’t have self rising flower so I made my own, 1 cup all purpose flour, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1 1/2 tsp baking powder.

I cooked it for 2 minutes. Watch it, after 30 seconds it was about to overflow, so I stopped it and kept stopping it when it almost overflowed. After 2 minutes, TADAAAAAA... it's ready!

So gooooood! Totally the start of many more nutella mug cake sessions! 

all ingredients in a large coffee mug.

all ingredients in a large coffee mug before whisking

Whisking with a fork until smooth


Microwave on high for 1 1/2 – 3 minutes.

Nutella Mug Cake fresh from the microwave!

Okay let's blog about this!

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