Friday, April 01, 2011

Hello April!

We're now in the fourth month of 2011, how time flies. March was a lovely month and yet I'm not looking forward to have a reunion again soon since I'm going to be a little older and leaving the twenty-something era. I've grown quite a lot and honestly believe that my effort to be a better person is starting to actually succeed. I'm now a wife, of which I have gained a lot of responsibilities whereas five years ago I was still out there playing around trying to find happiness. Some people I know they're still in exactly the same spot I was in five years ago and haven't changed one bit. Still partying around and getting into other people's drama.

Partying is not that bad but shit happens when partying, if you know what I mean. Fact: I still go to parties but only on special occasions, roughly 5 times a year. Not bad huh, compared to 5 years ago... 150 times a year. Consequences? I have lesser friends yet I couldn't care less. I'm a lot happier and have more good things to offer to the world. I'd love to be a philanthropist / humanitarian one day... let's just hope situations and God's favor will help me achieve my goal.

I expect to grow more this time next year. So March 2012 not looking forward to be with you so soon, take your time. But I couldn't help but wonder if you can make time walk instead of fly? I need more time and want to enjoy every minute of my journey. (:

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