Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Po, awesomeness!

Love baby Po

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and love his quote!

Po: You've got to let go of that stuff from the past because it just doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.

Went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 earlier today with my husband and my brother (:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rules for Ladies and Gentlemen



ource: Etiquette for a Lady and Etiquette for a Gentleman

Looking Forward

Looking forward to see you very soon, Po!

Po at Universal Studios Singapore, taken by yours truly few months ago.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The New Girl: Zooey Deschanel

I'm super excited about this new tv series coming up this fall (: Which means I get to watch Zooey every week! Yay!


Long the cooler than cool, unshakeable indie girl with the siren voice that drove armies of plaid-clad men to soft songs on their iPods and late night viewings of "(500) Days of Summer," and sometimes the scorching tongue best friend, Zooey Deschanel is playing against that type completely for her big, breakout role.

Deschanel will play heartbroken, socially awkward geek Jessica Day as the centerpiece of the new Fox comedy, "The New Girl." Recently (brutally) dumped by her boyfriend, Day moves into a house with three guys (played by Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Damon Wayans, Jr.) bent on getting her back on her feet -- an unlikely scenario in both real life and Deschanel's past roles.

Yesterday, Fox unveiled the first preview of the show, a long narrative trailer that gives the lay of the land and sets the stakes for Day's unlikely love stories. In a well timed revelation, it was recently uncovered that Deschanel wrote a letter to Vogue Magazine when she was 17 years old, blasting them for "advocating insecurities," saying that she was proud of herself for whatever features and flaws she may have.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


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#nowreading The Throne of Fire

Finally I got my hands on Rick Riordan's newest Kane Chronicles series, The Throne of Fire. I know that it is sort of odd that I, as an adult, love reading books for young adults. I just enjoy reading them and moreover, I don't remember there being this much choice when I was younger. Or maybe I just don't want to grow up. LoL! 

But really, the characters are so engaging, too, and the concepts often more vivid. In comparison, sometimes adult books seem stifled by self-consciousness. Perhaps, when adults write books for young adult, they subconsciously feel it's ok to have more fun with it or something.

Oh well, in the end, that's why there's all sorts of books out there, right? Coz not everyone likes the same thing. :)

And oh, earlier today Rick Riordan just announced that his Heroes of Olympus series book 2, The Son of Neptune will be out on October 4th 2011!  OMG... I truly love Rick Riordan. Period.

So psyched!!! Thanks Mr. Riordan for finishing the second book :D

Yay Scotty!!!

Wow what a finale, many delightful performances on American Idol finale stage! The end result also very satisfying :) Yay Scotty won! From day 1 I have been totally impressed with Scotty's voice, manners and poise *aww... One fine young gentleman from Garner, North Carolina. Kudos to his parents for raising Scotty! So now, I'm so looking forward for Scotty's first album (:

Scotty McCreery. Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX
Here are my favorite performances, the ones I enjoyed so much... Who's with me??

Steven Tyler. Credit: Michael Becker/FOX
Jack Black and Casey Abrams. Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello
Haley Reinhart and Tony Bennett. Credit: Ray Mickshaw/Fox/PictureGroup
The boys and Tom Jones. Credit: Michael Becker/FOX
The girls and TLC. Credit: Michael Becker/FOX
Congrats Scotty McCreery!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


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8 Things Friends Don't Understand About My Relationship With My Pets

The writer of this article, Amy D. Shojai, obviously share the same thoughts with yours truly (;

Teaching Lowy "Paw-symphony No.9" (;

How can I not love them? They're so smart, adorable and uebercute!
Napping with Chewy

We love to talk about our cats and dogs, show off cute pictures and brag how smart and clever our pets are. Even when we complain about stepping barefoot on nasty hairballs or cleaning up puppy potty accidents, we do so with affection. But unless friends share our furry passion, dog and cat conversations often raise eyebrows or spark disbelief about our pet devotion. Here are eight things friends often don't "get" about our relationship with our cats and dogs.
1. No matter what, dogs have to be walked. And though it may seem annoying to friends who want to party, a pet's toilet needs trump a never-ending night on the town. Petless friends don't understand that walking the dog can't wait.

2. Grooming is a health issue and a household necessity. Friends roll their eyes at talk of the poodle salon, kitty lion cuts and doggie sweaters because they don't understand that grooming isn't a luxury, it's a requirement. Keeping fur in good shape prevents painful matting, skin irritation and parasites. Brushing keeps fur off furniture. Sweaters protect dogs' nether regions from freezing. Hair bows and nail polish? Well, they are simply value added.

3. My pets may not like you -- and that's fine. Sometimes the people and the animals we love have bad chemistry and don't get along. I hope you like each other, but it's enough that my dog and cat love me and that you love me. And I understand if you don't love my pets.

4. Pets (OK, their owners) like when you give them gifts. Friends sometimes don't understand why anyone would give a dog or cat a silver-plated food bowl when the pet would happily eat off a paper plate. And it is true, pets do have simple tastes. But really good friends understand that by indulging the animals in my life they are making me happy. Even if you don't get why my dog needs a monogrammed sweater, know that I will think of you every time I put it on him.

5. Pets take priority in the household budget. Petless friends don't always get why I'm willing to spend serious money to treat my dog's or cat's serious illness. They act offended that those funds aren't being spent on helping humans in need. But you really don't want to get me started. When my friends give up spending on pricey new golf clubs or shiny new cars, they can talk to me about what I choose to spend my money on.

6. Some friends really don't get cat and dog shows. They think they're silly beauty pageants and a waste of time. They don't get that competitions are social occasions with other people who appreciate dogs and cats the same way that I do. Dog performance competitions and even cat agility events reward pets for excelling at what they were meant to do.

7. Dogs and cats are great listeners. Friends offer well-meaning advice when I'm depressed, but my cat and dog simply listen. They don't judge my tears or rants. They love me despite smelly feet, bad hair days or dumb mistakes -- and eagerly change my mood with silly games. Friends don't understand that just being with my cat or dog cheers me up when I'm sad, because a wagging tail or purr offers powerful emotional medicine.

8. People without pets don't understand the depth of grief I feel when a pet dies. A lost love deserves mourning that honors and respects that loss. Even if they've never experienced that level of connection with an animal, good friends support me through my grief. They listen to my tearful memories as long as it takes, because that's what I need.

We choose our friends because we enjoy their company, and we choose to share our lives with pets for the same reason. And hopefully, eventually, our good friends will begin to understand the place these animals have in our lives.

Amy D. Shojai also appears on Animal Planet's "Cats-101" and "Dogs-101" and lives in North Texas with a senior citizen Siamese and a smart-aleck German shepherd. Read her blog on Red Room.

source: Paw Nation

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Facebook Sonnet

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Music Stuffs

American Idol top 3 elimination was exciting, I was both happy and sad. Yes, I do love American Idol that much, LoL! AI this year has been full of surprises and the competition seems close. I am enjoying the television drama.

Now, unto what made me happy?

Scotty McCreery is officially running towards to be the next American Idol, he's going to compete against Lauren Alaina in the final. Go Scotty! 

They also played the footage when the top 3 idol contestants visited their hometowns. During Scotty's concert, Josh Turner (Scotty's fav country singer), came out and surprised the heck out of him! See it here - 1:40 and also watch how he stays true to his faith and religion - 00.14 and 13.58

A trio of Italian teenagers who sing opera, the Il Volo!!! Real talent! Amazing... and 'O Sole Mio is one of my favorite songs ever... you can only imagine how thrilled and excited I was watching them singing that song. Watch The Three Tenors singing this song, Luciano Pavarotti and Darren Hayes --> my personal favorite.

After their performance, I quickly googled them. Check out their video clip... aren't they amazing? They could be the next Three Tenors!! I'm going to get their album as soon as possible.

And things that made me sad...

Haley Reinhart is eliminated. Haley’s soulful rasp is going to be missed. I wish it would have been Scotty and Haley for top two though. Sigh.

Watching the Il Volo's performance, caused some real pain in my heart. It reminds me that I missed out Andrea Bocelli's concert in Jakarta last sunday. Boo. Not happy at all.  

Music is amazing. As Berthold Auerbach once said, "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". Even true-er, what Victor Hugo said, "Music expressed that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent." Yet the best music quote would be the one from Sergei Rachmaninov, "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music." 

Embrace all music genres and watch (and vote for Scotty if you live in the U.S.A.) American Idol (; Go Scotty!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


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Trip to the Hardware Store

Few days ago I went to Ace Hardware with my husband and the in-laws. We had spent quite a bit of time in this hardware store. I was pretty bored and decided to do some silly things while we were there,  my husband thought I was being so silly at first and refused to take below photos... after few snaps, he finally joined me doing the silly things. So fun, you should try it some time. It's the little (and silly) things in life that make you happy and make your life! Those silly things surely made my (and my husband's) day!! 

Hoola Hoop!!! I haven't seen this thing in ages...

Hoola Hoop Girl

After playing with the hoola hoop, let's wash the hands. Appropriate hygiene helps you stay healthy.

This is a a very odd toilet seat. Peeing while standing up is out of the question...

This is when I asked my husband to teach me how to play the guitar...

Everytime I see a file cabinet, I couldn't help but browse through some invisible files...

I actually like this helmet... suddenly a career in mining industry is now so appealing...

My husband was like, "Welding stuff actually kinda cool."

My husband said if he were a superhero, he'd use this helmet/mask(?) for a believable disguise.

Never knew I'd find such cute boots in a hardware store...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Dream Patio

On a public holiday like this, I feel like chillaxing at my (future) patio. I'm going to build a patio exactly like this in Tontalete, Minahasa Utara. It will be a great addition to my home, especially because the view is already (more or less) the same! Until the day comes, let's just enjoy this photo shall we? Have a great day! 

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sending Positive Energy!

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Bandung Weekend Trip

I went to Bandung with my family last weekend, suffice to say, I had another lovely weekend. Thank God. Parijs van Java is always a great idea, my mother was born and bred there. My grandparents buried there. I lived there for few years of my life.

My mom's brother, uncle Ben still lives in Bandung. So we always visit him everytime we're in town, including last weekend. And plus, he always provides us the most delicious Oxtail Soup and Oxtail Fried ever!!! I haven't transferred the photos from the DSLR, so here are the highlights of my lovely weekend in Bandung taken with my iPhone instead... I'll post the complete photos later on. Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well! (:

Chillaxing and had brunch at Uncle Ben's garden. I love having breakfast / brunch / lunch / dinner outdoor.

Visited my grandpa's grave.

Visited my grandma (': How I miss both of them terribly.

Chewy's 3rd Birthday!

How time flies... It feels like just yesterday he was as big as a Chihuahua and now today he weighs about 30 Kgs. I celebrate my Chewy's birthday every year with excessive adoration, love and of course special treats. He is very important to me and I want to celebrate that. He deserves the five-star-treatment.
Chewbacca also known as Chewy, Chewchew, Chuchu, Chachu and Tatu (; Born in Jakarta, May 16th 2008.

Dogs are among the loveliest and best friends in life, you can't overdo anything for them. Moreover, they  provide so much love to us everyday, so they deserve something special on their special days!

Happy Birthday Chewbacca! I love you lots and lots... my life wouldn't be the same without you in it. You make life more enjoyable (:

Denta, his fav treats since he was a puppy.

Gimme the denta mommy! Gimmeeee!!!

After finishing a pack of Denta, Chewy feeling content.

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