Monday, May 16, 2011

Bandung Weekend Trip

I went to Bandung with my family last weekend, suffice to say, I had another lovely weekend. Thank God. Parijs van Java is always a great idea, my mother was born and bred there. My grandparents buried there. I lived there for few years of my life.

My mom's brother, uncle Ben still lives in Bandung. So we always visit him everytime we're in town, including last weekend. And plus, he always provides us the most delicious Oxtail Soup and Oxtail Fried ever!!! I haven't transferred the photos from the DSLR, so here are the highlights of my lovely weekend in Bandung taken with my iPhone instead... I'll post the complete photos later on. Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well! (:

Chillaxing and had brunch at Uncle Ben's garden. I love having breakfast / brunch / lunch / dinner outdoor.

Visited my grandpa's grave.

Visited my grandma (': How I miss both of them terribly.

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