Monday, May 09, 2011

Lovely Weekend

Yes, I had a lovely weekend (: My weekend started off with a good start. I went to a rugby tournament, Jakarta 10s Rugby Tournament. The Jakarta 10s is an annual “social” tournament, with teams and players from all levels. Tournament took place at the British International School in Bintaro and gathers not less than 16 teams coming from Indonesia and overseas (mostly amateur clubs and few national players), including Jakarta Banteng Rugby Club. Since my husband is a Banteng player, so yea it is mandatory for rugby wags (wives and girlfriends) to watch every match / tournament. But honestly I do, legitimately, like rugby. I enjoy watching rugby. I like the rugby atmosphere. Especially watching the match live.

I still remember the first time my husband introduced me to the sport, he played this final match of Rugby World Cup 2000-something on DVD. I had no idea what I was watching. Was it soccer? No, they were using their hands. Was it some sort of american football? No, they had no helmets and very tiny (sexy) shorts. I was so confused yet intrigued (; But who wouldn’t want to sit in front of the television and watch very fit men (who probably had amazing accents) in tight shorts run around and get sweaty on a field during a full-contact sport? … (Oh come on, you know you would, ladies!!) Don't believe me? Take a look at below photos from Jakarta 10s Rugby Tournament... they're no professional players but the tournament was worth watching.

The Venue, British International School's soccer field.

Banteng boys watching from the sideline, the guy on far left is my husband! #39

My husband tried to tackle one of the Samurai Japanese players.

* note: all photos above photographed by Anne Laure Mousteou (very talented and friendly French lady - in my opinion)

Banteng boys didn't win the cup, they lost in the semifinal against Front Row Club from Malaysia. Whatever, the boys put up a good fight, I'm so proud of them (: 

Then after the tourny was over, the boys were quickly suited up and the ladies were dolled up. We headed over to a wedding. One of the Banteng players, Michael Bavin was getting married to his soulmate, Indrie. The wedding reception was held at this place called Rumah Maroko (Morocco House) in Jakarta. Such a lovely, lovely place. I got the photos from Rumah Maroko's Facebook Page, simply because I think they're worth sharing.

* all photos above are taken from Rumah Maroko's facebook and website.

My husband and I were supposed to attend 3 weddings that night, yet we ended up only at Bavin's Wedding. We stayed there until quite late, it was fun! Plenty of beer and great ambiance. The boys and the groom had a swell time, they actually formed a circle in the middle of the party and screamed loudly "BANTENG!!! ALL DAY LONG! GOOOO BANTENG!!!". Everyone at the party can see the rugby brotherhood is strong within the Bantengs, they were too, enjoying the "show".  All in all, lovely weekend. Hope you all had lovely weekend as well!

My husband, Jonah and I.

Some of the Rugby WAGS.

Some of the Boys and the Groom (suited up in white).

Lastly, to my mother, Happy Mother's Day! Every day I become a little bit more like my mother, and I couldn't be prouder! My mother and I may not always agree with one another but one thing for sure:

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