Thursday, May 26, 2011

#nowreading The Throne of Fire

Finally I got my hands on Rick Riordan's newest Kane Chronicles series, The Throne of Fire. I know that it is sort of odd that I, as an adult, love reading books for young adults. I just enjoy reading them and moreover, I don't remember there being this much choice when I was younger. Or maybe I just don't want to grow up. LoL! 

But really, the characters are so engaging, too, and the concepts often more vivid. In comparison, sometimes adult books seem stifled by self-consciousness. Perhaps, when adults write books for young adult, they subconsciously feel it's ok to have more fun with it or something.

Oh well, in the end, that's why there's all sorts of books out there, right? Coz not everyone likes the same thing. :)

And oh, earlier today Rick Riordan just announced that his Heroes of Olympus series book 2, The Son of Neptune will be out on October 4th 2011!  OMG... I truly love Rick Riordan. Period.

So psyched!!! Thanks Mr. Riordan for finishing the second book :D

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