Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cover Girl '77

For the last couple of days, my family have been re-arranging furniture and cleaning up our storage room. Needless to say, I found some very cool (my version of coolness of course) stuffs while doing so; my mom's pleated skirts, tartan skirts, trousers from 1980s, old photos, vintage bags and et cetera (Best finds at home ever!!!). And one of my favorite finds is this famous local teen magazine, called Gadis (more or less like Indonesians local "Teen Vogue"), and this specific copy was published back in 1977. Why is this my favorite? I adore the cover girl, the 17-year-old, Wulan Kaligis, my mother! Isn't she beautiful? And oh how I love her top, the colors and how she styled it. Not only is she super smart - she was straight A's student back in highschool, she's also trรจs chic! I'm one proud daughter (:

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