Saturday, July 09, 2011

How Michael Jackson Are You?

So 101 jakfm (one of the radio stations in Jakarta) is having this competition called "How Michael Jackson Are You?" as a tribute to Michael Jackson on 2nd Anniversary of his death. The winner will get a limited edition Michael Jackson iPad which one of only 150 made worldwide, some cash and MJ's newest album. 

And no, I'm not joining the competition but my friend Sissy is! Sissy has been a fan of Michael Jackson since 1993 (she watched MJ live in concert and fell in love instantly). I know it's hard to believe for many people but yes she is that crazy about MJ. Since we were in junior high school: she had MJ pic on every book she had, her closet is filled with MJ posters, she'd cry if people insulting MJ, she can copy MJ's signature, she went to Neverland and cried in front of the gate (those were her tears of joy)... and as a tribute to MJ's 43rd birthday, she made a tattoo. MJ's initial on the back of her neck. All of our mutual friends and everyone who knows her, we all think she's completely lost her mind. But I think we just find it hard to believe that someone like her actually exist and happen to be our own friend! I actually admire her loyalty, which is why I think she deserves to win this competition. There is no fan of Michael Jackson (in Indonesia) as true as Sissy. I liked her video on 101 jakfm facebook page to help her win this competition. If you think she deserves to win as well, please login to your facebook and like her video (: Thank you, it will mean the world to her!

Update (July 14th 2011): She won the iPad! Congrats Sissy (:

via 101 jakfm facebook page

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