Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pressing Pause on Social Media

I’m all about connection and online friendships and discovering cool stuff, but there are times when I hit overload. And today is one of those times, so I'm pressing pause on social media such as no checking twitter for several days (you wouldn't believe the amount of drama on my timeline!), no catching up on Facebook updates. I allow myself to check my google account though, since I need to check my gmail on hourly basis and exploring the new Google+ (well mainly because no one's there yet - figuratively).

It's very refreshing thing to do, not to check my facebook and twitter for couple of days! I didn't check my twitter for 2 weeks earlier this month and boy it felt good. No drama, no negativity can do you good, since they are so contagious in a bad way and put you in the place where you don't belong. Hey, it's your life so you best know how to control it. Don't let other people, let alone social media control you! Be smart, think logic!  
Facebook and Twitter, I'll see you guys later alligator!

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