Saturday, July 09, 2011


Every day we make decisions. Daily we are confronted with options. We must choose one or the other. We cannot have both. These options include:

Being bitter versus being better
Indifference versus decisiveness
Lukewarmness versus enthusiasm
"If we can" versus "how we can"
"Give up" versus "get up"
Security versus risk
Coping with evil versus overcoming evil
Blending in versus standing out
How much we do versus how much we get done
Coexisting with darkness versus opposing darkness
Destruction versus development
Resisting versus receiving
Complaining versus obtaining
Trying versus committing
Peace versus strife
Choice versus chance
Determination versus discouragement
Growing versus dying
Demanding more of ourselves versus excusing ourselves
Doing for others versus doing for self
Progress versus regression
Steering versus drifting
Priorities versus aimlessness
Accountability versus irresponsibility
Action versus activity
Solutions versus problems
More of God versus more of everything else
Being in "Who's Who" versus asking "Why me?"

-John Mason, from the book An Enemy Called Average

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