Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fly Away

As a wife, I often make decision which is what fills my husband's bucket. Food to eat, where to go, what to do,  pray for him every night and sadly force him to do things that he doesn't actually like nor enjoy just because I thought it was the best for him and convenient for me (yes I'm one selfish bastard lol). 

Unlike me, my husband has an unquenchable love of flying. He would point out planes flying and recite their model names to me. He has been surrounded by aviation for his entire life and aviation is very much in his bloodlines. My father in law and some of his relatives are pilots and clearly have played significant roles in my husband's interest in aviation world.

With that kind of bloodlines, one might think the decision to fly came easy for my husband or that he made it at an early age. Not true. Especially after we met. He already had his career in hospitality industry which I thought was suits him (and yours truly) best. Then one day, out of nowhere, he told me that he might be interested in switching his hospitality career to flying airplanes.

I was sort of freaked out. Yes, I love traveling yet I truly hate being on an airplane (the worst part of traveling). I used to fly quite often, I actually remember loving turbulence as a small child. Now, even thinking that puts me in 'fear mode'. My fear of flying was born the day Adam Air crashed. Since then, my fear is at the point where I have to convince myself on every flight that I am prepared to die, and accept the fact that I am going to die. I've no problem with take-off and landing but turbulence terrifies me. And yes, I know more people die on the roads than in the sky, a plane lands ever three seconds or whatever, meaning that millions and millions of people fly safely a year. But still!!! I'm so silly, I know.

Needless to say, I firmly objected my husband's proposal. This topic was not up for a discussion for quite some time. Then I slowly came to realize how he didn't enjoy his life to the fullest and the only barrier between him and his dream is me. Months later this topic came out again, but this time he reminded me that death is in God's hands. He's right, so I decided to give him my permission, support and blessing.  Fear of flying is my issue, not his. 

Shortly after, the opportunity came his way. He permanently left his hospitality career and business world. The next thing I know, he enrolled at LIFT, passed all the entrance tests with flying colors and best of all he became a lot happier. It's all happening so quickly! God's plan and His timing are always perfect, no significant obstacles come in the way! My husband has been experiencing series of God's favors since day one; he got chosen by his instructors and fellow classmates as "Captain" of their batch, got really good score on radiotelephony practical test and I hope many more great things in the future. I'm so proud and happy for my husband to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot (: Thank you Lord Jesus!

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