Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Republik Indonesia's 66th Independence Day

August 17th 2011.
Jakarta, Indonesia.

I bleed Red and White because I'm one proud Indonesian. I love my country forever and beyond. I hope each of us (Indonesians) will take time to reflect on what Independence Day is really about – remembering the sacrifices of our soldiers who have given their service (and their lives) to protect the freedoms so many of us take for granted. Freedom is not a gift. It is an earned benefit that was paid for by the blood of our heroes. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a remembrance of my grandfather and his fellow soldiers who fought for Indonesia's freedom, fought many times to unite Indonesia.

He's my hero, but I honor him even more as a loving husband to his wives (after my grandmother died, he re-married), an incredible father to his children, and a beloved grandfather to me.

So today, I pause to reflect on what has been given and sacrificed. I will never forget. Thank you, heroes!

Strategic planning before combat. Some of grandfather's military tactics are still being taught in Indonesian army school.

The troops. Thank you for the service, I'm grateful (:

Grandpa was writing a letter to my grandma.

Grandpa (in the middle) and his fellow soldiers.

Marching on. Courageous men fought for our freedom, I could not thank them enough for the job they did. My heart goes out to the ones that lossed their lives or were injured in duty.

Grandpa and his fellow soldier, Let. Kol. Slamet Riyadi, planning some attacks.

The Batalyon Worang Monument in Manado. The only batalyon that was named after the commander (my grandfather) and officially registered in the Indonesian army.

He chose Tontalete, the place he called home, to be his final resting place instead of being buried at the heroes' cemetery.

Thank you for giving us the freedom, my heroes! Happy Independence Day Indonesia! --- Photo was taken in Bali, 2009.
* most of the photos are from family collection and few of them are from Ipphos.

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