Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two Remarkable Women

I've always loved these two wonderful and admirable women until today. My passion to be a social worker / philanthropist one day (soon I hope) is coming not only from Audrey Hepburn, but also from these two women, they are all my inspiration. Coming from opposite sides of the world their lives were truly worlds apart. One was a young mother, beautiful, tall and Protestant; the other elderly, diminutive and Catholic. Both lived with the constant attention of the media and understood how this could enable them to reach a worldwide audience for their charitable works; yet both remained able to reach out to individuals with respect and dignity, providing real comfort to the suffering and their families. And in 1997, two of the world's most famous women died within a week of each other: Lady Diana at 36 in a tragic automobile accident and Mother Teresa at 87 of heart failure.

But there is something that public figures, the Government and the leaders can learn from Mother Teresa and Lady Diana. The public is longing to see sincerity, openness, and integrity. The public is looking for freshness and genuine humanness in its leaders. Especially if they can openly communicate by words and actions who they really are and what they truly believe. I hope one day Indonesia (and other countries as well) can have those kind of people in the Government. Here's to hoping for the best! Amen.

Mother Teresa and Lady Diana

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