Sunday, September 04, 2011


It is a fact that the happiest and the saddest places for me are the airports. Yes, when you are off on a holiday they can be the best place on earth. But how about when the holiday with family ends and you need to hop back on a plane taking you away from those you love or vice versa? Not such a great place now is it! I love being at the arrival gate's waiting hall. But being in the departure gate’s waiting hall? It's terrible! That part of the airport filled with sorrow, fear, loneliness, heartbreak, and tender moments. People are waiting only for their loved ones to walk farther and farther away from them until they can no longer be seen. This morning, I was one of those people. Zzzzz...

I hate departure gate goodbyes. I am proud of what my husband is doing and I hope to go visit later this month. But when the hugging started, I felt a rather strong tingling sensation in my head. I'm not such an emotional person in general but this sort of airport scene hits me. I miss my husband already ):

Anyhoo... if everything goes well, my next encounter with my husband will be in 18 days from today, outside of the arrival gate at Selaparang International Airport. I can't wait.

This morning at Terminal 2, Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

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