Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Fine Sunday

I had a family gathering today and it was great! I took a few photos which can be seen below. If other people try to avoid family gatherings, I'm one of the people who always love meeting my big family. I always love family gathering because it's really a great way to bond one big family, there's always lots of good food and plenty of laughter. Who's with me? 

note: I still don't like kids (in general). But these kids below are my family, I don't like them... I love them!! (;

My late grandmother's youngest brother, Bert Constantine Waworuntu (Opa Dee) with my brother.
Opa Dee, Matthew, Myself, a glimpse of Patrick.
My brother, myself and Tasha. Tasha is a smart girl, she likes to watch NatGeo Channel, Discovery Channel and MTV. And I really love her pixie hair cut. She looks adorably chic!
That's me and the prettiest baby cousin, Diza. She has the most beautiful green eyes (her grandmother is one lovely Dutch lady).
Matthew and Patrick are Diza's brothers. Patrick was in a bad mood because he got a lot of presents and wanted to play with those new toys immediately. Unfortunately their father forbade him and told him to wait until everybody's gone home. Hence the face. LoL.
My brother tried to cheer Patrick up! Since Patrick really likes my brother, he didn't leave my brother's lap for quite some time. He played with my brother's arms and hands too. He's too cute!!!

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