Thursday, September 29, 2011

Travelogue: Lombok (Day 2)

Jonah went to school very early Monique and I had breakfast just the two of us at the hotel's beachfront restaurant. I was a bit disappointed because it was a set menu breakfast, not a buffet breakfast. Mind you, I'm a big fan of hotel's buffet breakfast, because it offers such a wide variety from western and continental style breakfast. Yummm... 

Heading to hotel's beachfront restaurant for breakfast.

Coconut trees.
Monique having breakfast
I ordered this for breakfast. Pretty good.

View from our table. Some people already out in the sea catching some waves to surf!

After breakfast Monique and I went strolling down the Senggigi beach, enjoying the beautiful view and took some pictures which can be seen below. 

The sea

Some fellow tourists rented a boat to go out in the sea. The view of this island is very beautiful from the sea, FYI.

Senggigi Beach


View from Qunci Pool Villas.

My jelly sandals have always loved the beach and the sun. :p

Yours truly.

My sister-in-law, Monique.

Then we went for a swim at the swimming pool to enjoy some sun. But it was rather cold that morning, so we took off pretty quickly and enjoyed the view from our balcony before checking out of the hotel. 

Bright sunshiny day.

Enjoying Senggigi area.

I love taking pictures of my feet!

Enjoying the swimming pool, the view and sea breeze.
Monique at our balcony's sofa.

I prefer to sit there, lol.

Really love the view from our balcony.

Monique and I at Qunci Villas lobby shortly after checking out. We're ready for Kuta!

So we checked out of Qunci Villa, took a taxi to Kuta Area. Everyone has heard of Kuta Beach in Bali, but for real relaxation, Kuta Beach in Lombok is the place to go. We're going to spend one night at Hotel Novotel Lombok which located in Pantai Putri Nyale (Princess Nyale Beach). The hotel is on a secluded beach and there is nothing else in the immediate area and the rooms are beautifully presented. Perfect location, not too overcrowded. I have to come back here someday and stay for a week! But if you like crowded places, Kuta area is not for you. Since I dislike too crowded beach, Kuta area is my paradise!

We passed by the new Bandara International Lombok (BIL) Airport on our way to Kuta. This airport will be operational from October 1st 2011. (So they say).
Novotel Lombok via TripAdvisor

When we arrived, I quickly changed into my striped swimsuit, wonder woman style! If Wonder Woman spins into changing to her super custome, Amara jumps! Striped swimsuit is my super custome ((:

Private villas have their own private pools.


Heading straight to the beach!

Little did we know that we were going to be playing beach volleyball 30 minutes later with the hotel staffs. It was entirely fun and nerve-wrecking. I found out how much I sucked at playing volleyball, despite the fact that I was in a volleyball team 14 years ago *sobs*. What happened? Not playing for 14 years happened.

Ahhh... hello beach!

Hello beautiful rock!

Another picture of my feet ((:

I was so stunned!

This is probably our favorite pose.
Pantai Putri Nyale (Princess Nyale Beach)

RayBan ad?

We love taking many many pictures at the beach!

See, same pose!

Tired after playing beach volleyball!

Yep, we just played beach volleyball!

Had pizza for dinner!

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