Thursday, September 15, 2011

Villa Khayangan Estate

This is the place where my family and some of my friends stayed for the most amazing 5 days of my life so far. We were there for my wedding and actually this villa is where I held my wedding party. This villa is located in Uluwatu (Bali) right next to BVLGARI hotel. The Chapel where I got married was roughly 45 minutes by car from this amazing villa. Will post the photos of the Chapel some day (when I have the time and energy to collect them - lol).

Earlier today, I was clicking over my iPhoto album and decided to reminisce those beautiful days. Bad move. I suddenly miss this villa quite terribly. Then I checked the current rates... I almost choked. The prise has gone up like 50%. Eek!!! I don't see any possibilities to stay there again... If I happen to stay there in the future, let it be known that it's purely God's miracle / grace.  But probably if I have the money (If), I'd rather use the money for charity instead of staying there. However, if you wanna stay there, don't let my financial issue stop you... here's the link to Villa Khayangan Estate official website. I probably shouldn't have said this... but many famous people in the world have stayed there. The couple who stayed there 2 weeks before my family is the number one guy in France with his beautiful and talented (second) wife. Nice to know.

You probably wondering how good can this place be! Without further ado, enjoy these photos... (you'll see that I'm not overselling this place!)


Entrance, that's me in the distance.
My friends, Day 1.
The Ocean.
Uluwatu, Bali.

Lush garden

The day after my wedding

Pretty sunset!

One of the villas' backyard (day bed and big pond and...)
another bathtub!
View from the bedroom
I don't know why my mom's there... this is actually the villa where I stayed in. She's supposed to be at her own villa, next door.
indoor bathtub (this bathrom is a lot bigger than my own bedroom at home)

My mom and mother in law were chillaxing down there
My husband and I.
Beautiful sunset!

I love the lighting!
Javanese style.
This is actually my wedding party...
The guests were enjoying the sunset so we didn't turn on the lights just yet.

Chillaxing by the pool with my friends.
Mom in the jacuzzi.


decimal shoes said...

beautiful view :D
I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
Decimal Shoes

amarantha said...

Hi there! (:

It's either you want to follow my blog or you're not, I don't want people to feel "obligated" to follow my blog. (: At this point, you might have notice that I'm already talking gibberish, and I agree. So makes no sense to push people to follow me (;

But I'll definitely check out your blog after this, I love cute shoes!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! (:

fy said...

i cannot wait! i'll be having my wedding there in october 2012. My bf proposed in bali a year plus ago and we decided to get married in bali as well. we haven't visited khayangan before booking it, but we're looking forward to our planning visit soon!

amarantha said...


hi! good luck on your wedding preparations (: bali is very beautiful and truly the perfect place to tie the knot!


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