Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jonah's First Solo Flight!

After dreaming of becoming a pilot since he was a little boy, my husband took one step closer to reach his dream this morning. He flew the Liberty XL2 solo for the first time. After 24 hours of dual flying with his instructor, he was ready to be released for solo flight. Honestly, at first for me it was both exciting and a little nerve wrecking to hear. But surprisingly these past few days I've been busy and I thought about things other than him flying and was not nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. Well mainly because last night he told me, "I love you and I love flying" (my husband is at his best when doing things that he loves and nurturing his loved ones, so I'm sure he would try his bestest. So worrying is unnecessary.) and because I believe in him, he's half way getting to reach for his long time dream.

He was very nervous pre-solo flight, but after he landed back safely (THANK GOD), he's beyond excited! He called me, sent chat messages, tweeted me and even e-mailed me after he celebrated the solo flight with his instructor and friends at the hangar. I'm very happy for him and even got watery eyes when I read his e-mail, he attached his newly received wings photo and wrote this: "I earned this because of you and family prayer, I love you.. Earned this with my life depending on it.. The second biggest achievement in my life, FIRST is marrying YOU." 

I love you and very proud of you my darling... (': Congratulations on your success!

Thank the Lord! ... And oh, below are some photos sent by my husband.

My husband flew with PK-LLB for his first solo flight!

A photo from 2 days ago, he took it while he was waiting on the runway to take off.

His first solo flight went well!!! (: They were playing the video of his first solo flight, it's great that they installed a camera inside the plane.

Kissed the tire shortly after he landed!

Jonah receiving wings from his flight instructor, Capt. Denis Boissonneault

Both happy with the result!

The LIFT wings.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rambutan Rapiah ❤

Rambutan, is one of my most loved tropical seasonal fruits, I love them the most, especially the local variety which is called rambutan rapiah. They are now in season! Yay!!! *FreddyMercuryairpunch*

And I just had them today, so good! ❤  They taste soft, a bit chewy, mildly sweet. Although they're the "cousin" of Lychee, they're not as sweet as Lychee. And I happen to like them! Go try some. 

A bowl of Rambutan Rapiah! The leathery skin is reddish-yellowish-greenish, and covered with fleshy pliable spines.

How to eat Rambutan

They're all seasonal tropical fruits! My favorite fruits in no particular order.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Adore You, Sophia Loren!

"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti." - Sophia Loren

via Dandelion Girl

Enjoy your favorite foods because life is too short to be spent depriving yourself all the time! And most importantly, ladies, be like Sophia Loren, who embraced her figure and wore beautiful garments to enhance her curves. Focus on your best features just like Sophia Loren did!

Let's eat carbs, people!!!

The No Junk Food Challenge

Can I do this? 
Can you do this? 
Is this even possible? 
Anyone care to try???

via weheartit

Sunday Thoughts: Be Strong and Courageous

via because of grace

This is the most meaningful bible verse for me. On my Confirmation day (May 1998), the pastor handed me a bible and wrote this verse on the first page. According to him, after spent few months of attending Catechism class led by him and based on the result of my tests and et cetera, this is the perfect bible verse for me to hold on to. 

I'm a strong woman but there are times when I feel like giving up and powerless. This verse helps me to get through those times, gives me hope and faith that God will always be with me at all times. His words strengthen me (:

I also chose this verse for today's Sunday Thoughts because today was my besties Tikyta Syarani and Letisia Manoe's Confirmation Day at GPIB Paulus. Since I was not able to attend due to my illness (sinus, y u no leave me alone huh?), I dedicate this post and this verse to them. We are only human, in life we will be facing ups and downs and this verse speaks to us that God will always be with us! God bless. 

PS: The Pastor who gave me this verse was Pdt. R. A. Waney, MTh. from GPIB. Thank you! (:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Being Thankful

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. 

I love the Thanksgiving culture, the day where people reflect on things to be thankful for. It would be nice of all the people in the world celebrate this lovely tradition. One of the best holidays people ever invented, don't you agree? But please remember to be thankful not just on Thanksgiving day, be thankful everyday so you won't take anything for granted. 

In this spirit of gratitude, I want to share some of the many many things I am thankful for everyday in my life: my darling husband, my precious family, my adorable huskies, my wonderful friends and of course you, my readers. God is great. (: 
I read an interesting article on Reader's Digest a couple days ago, about being thankful. According to the article, people with a strong sense of gratitude don't necessarily have more than others but they recognize and see the beauty in their lives. Moreover, people who count their blessings are generally happier and healthier than people who don't. WORD! I do count my blessings every day and I do feel happier and realize how good what I have after all.

Some tips to be thankful: 
1. Try to be more relax, don't stress out too much. It's hard to be thankful if you're in a bad mood (angry, anxious, etc). 
2. Live in the moment. DON'T DWELL IN THE PAST. It's probably a nice place to visit but not a great place to stay.
3. Live a healthy lifestyle! Good health is expensive. Don't wait until you get sick and have to pay a fortune to get your health back. 
4. Cherish the small things. Never underestimate the power of small things in life. 
5. Take a vacation once in a while to rejuvenate your spirit and mind. Remember this, to travel is to live.
6. Keep a gratitude journal. Write the things you're thankful for everyday and read them again in the future. You'll see how much you are blessed every single day so (ideally) you will complain less.

Thank you for reading this post! (: God bless you. 

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zee Avi, Live in Jakarta!

Last night I went to see Zee Avi live in concert with Tikyta & Ronny. Tikyta and I both looove Zee Avi (she's the one who introduced me to Zee Avi's music, as a matter of fact) and  when we heard that she's going to perform in Jakarta, we knew that we just have to go watch her perform. Then Ismaya Live announced the ticket info, Tikyta and I immediately bought our tix on day 1! Those tix were sold out within days, can you believe it! So many Zee Avi lovers here in Jakarta. Or probably because it was a up close and intimate  (limited) seated concert, she was only few meters away from our seats that night (OH MY GOODNESS!!!).

The concert was surreal. She's amaaazing, truly amazing. Witty personality, talented song writer and musician, truly angelic voice, simply one great performer. Her band also great, the band members are all so talented. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, mind-blowing! I'm very much hoping that I will watch her live in concert again in the future. And oh my, I do have a soft spot for ukuleles. My heart skipped a beat everytime she ditched her guitar and then grabbed her ukulele. 

Anyhoo, here's a sneak peek of Zee Avi music created by Ismaya Live.

And oh, the opening act for Zee Avi concert was the lovely Indonesian duo, Endah N Rhesa. They are actually husband and wife and it was my first time seeing them perform live and boy, they're that good! I actually love their songs, hear one of their songs here, I guarantee you, if you and I have the same taste, you'd love them too! They're so cute too, I love them. 

It was one of the best nights ever! 

PS: Some of my favorite Zee Avi songs (I love all her songs, but these are my most favorites) are Bitterheart, Honey Bee, Kantoi, The Book of Morris Johnson, Just You and Me, Concrete Wall, Siboh Kitak Nangis. Check out her live performances here.  

via Ismaya Live

The Maestro Function Hall, Plaza Indonesia.

Our tix!

Ready to watch the concert!

The wonderful opening act!

It's Zee Avi!!!

This was taken at the end of the show, she asked the audience to stand up and move forward towards the stage! I was only one meter away from her! ((:

Zee Avi, live in Jakarta, November 23rd 2011. One of the best concerts I've ever been!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Insta-card From Lombok - Part 1

My husband took these pics this morning at Senggigi Beach. I really could use a beach therapy right now and I terribly miss my husband!

via Jonah Christi

Must Love Green Tea

I'm a tea addict, I don't do coffee. Well I used to be a coffee drinker, but not anymore. I'll share that story one day.

I drink all kinds of tea and that includes one of my favorites, the famous green tea. In this post, I wanna share with you the benefits of drinking green tea, so you'll start drinking more tea and be more healthy!
Care to try?

via Pinterest

Sunday Thoughts: What God Does

I'm going to start a series of religious / biblical quotes which I think are perfect for Sundays. Can be used for personal reflection, guide to start a new week and something to be thankful for.

So, without further ado, here's the maiden post of my Sunday Thoughts series.

via Life of a Loffler

Friday, November 18, 2011

Favorite Afternoon Activity

That would be, walking my dogs! I love walking my dogs. I always try my best to be at home at 5 PM so I can do this fun activity, I'd feel guilty if I still out there in the traffic at 5 PM. I love my dogs that much.

with my princess, Lowy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama!

Today's my beautiful mama's birthday, unfortunately she's currently in Manado so we cannot celebrate her birthday together. However, I do wish her the bestest thing in life, good health and there shall be showers of blessings unto her. I posted this photo on facebook, she hasn't seen it yet but I hope she'll like it.

Birthday Greetings for Mom.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

E-Volo Multicopter

Wow, the kind of transportation Jakartans need. Bluntly speaking, with the traffic and all, well in my opinion Jakarta has the most worst traffic I've ever experienced. Don't forget the pollution, I have to remind my self every now and then, that grey skies are not normal. Why did I ever move back here from Bali?! Oh well. As much as I miss the blue skies and friendly traffic, I'll try my best to make peace with this city of mine. (Chanting: I love Jakarta, I love Jakarta, I love Jakarta)

Anyways, back to topic.

The traffic is enough to make people lose their mind.  Sitting two or three hours in a car to go 20 or 30 km is mind-melting. Having a multicopter will change my life! This device is several years away from becoming a realistic option, but really, they have to work on this device and mass-produce it. I would love to have one. 

Jakartans, what do you think?

via E-Volo

Movies, Anyone?

I recently watched Woody Allen's "Midnight In Paris" and I loved it! Been wanting to watch it for a few months, then I forgot all about it. Then my dear friend Irene Iskandar who just saw it, told me that I really should watch the movie, she said I'd love it! And boy, she was right. Ah Unyil you know me too well ((: The movie's about a man so obsessed with the past he finds a way to travel back into it every midnight. He met F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and many more in his travel. My oh my oh my! Everything I love is in it (writers, roaring 20s, Europe), how can I not love "Midnight in Paris"!

And these are the (old and new) movies that I want to watch sometime soon:

1. Sofia Coppola's Somewhere

2. Mike Mills' Beginners

3. René Féret's Mozart's Sister

Hair Tutorial: Sock Bun

I'm intrigued, surely will try this one day. I love the bun, looks classy and after a few hours you'll get a natural wavy hair out of it. What's not to love! 

via Pinterest

A Sip of Soda

Have you ever wondered what soda in general, does to your body? Take a look at below image. Thank God I don't do soda! (: Drink water! See the benefits here. Choose to be healthy!

                                         Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

PPL Exam, Today!

Bestest wishes to my husband and friends who are having their PPL Exam today. God be with you guys, do your best and let Him do the rest!

My husband and his friends via LIFT

Monday, November 14, 2011


How adorbs are these airframes? Travelers (and aircrews) can always have a lofty window seat view with this portal overlooking aerial views from places visited in their home. I know my husband would love these airframes, as for me, I wonder are they going to slowly cure my fear of flying or worsen it? 

Nevertheless, I think I want them! Don't you? 

via Design Boom

Wanderlust: Kiruna, Sweden

#2 on my bucket list. 

Fun fact, my parents almost named me "Aurora". My parents two name options were Aurora and Amarantha. 

Aurora, because my parents are in love with the Aurora Borealis phenomenon and it is a name of unimaginably beautiful lights that people gasp at. Thank God they didn't choose this one, it doesn't fit me! However, I do want to see this beautiful natural phenomenon one day. Be it in Sweden or Norway, I want to go. 

Amarantha, because my great great grandmother from my father's side (Aletha Umboh) had a sister named Amarantha Umboh. Mind you, mostly Minahasans (especially my family) love to re-use names of ancestors instead of using a new or unique name for their baby. Also the name has a sweet meaning (*ahem), Amarantha: originated as a Greek name. In Greek legend, it's the name of a  flower that never fades and never dies. 

I'm glad my parents named me Amarantha. I sure love the meaning, a flower that never fades and never dies. I hope my faith, spirit and determination in living my life will never fade and never die, just like my name. Amen. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 Corinthians 6:10

via Tumblr

Vacation Memory Jars

I stumbled upon this cute crafty project for kids on Martha Stewart's website and really like it. Loving the whole idea to fill a jar with souvenirs collected on trips and pictures developed afterward. Looks like I need to buy some jars, stat! 

via Martha Stewart

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes, But No

I stumbled upon this funny tumblr blog few months ago and loving it a lot. Remember this post? I'm thinking to print some of these, frame them and put them on my wall. Here are some of my favorites... 

Green Dining Room

Such a cute chic dining room. I love this and am keeping this image for my future reference. Isn't it lovely?


I Love Grandma's House

at Jl. Maulana Yusuf 15, Bandung. 
This is a lovely old pic of my grandmother and her grandchildren on Christmas Eve 1990, in Bandung. We usually go to Bandung every year to celebrate Christmas at Grandma's place, it's our (now sadly dead) tradition. And just like this quote, Grandma's house is where my cousins and I become best friends. My cousins and I love to hang out together since we were little until today. We're not perfect as a big family, but I wouldn't replace them for anything in this world. My cousins, I love you guyssss!!! XOXO

quote via Etsy

About Marriage

via Ginger Wiltbank

Travelogue: Bromo

We departed from Surabaya around 10.30 PM in order to reach Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park before 3 AM. We were going to enjoy the sunrise over Mount Bromo from Mount Penanjakan. When we arrived, there were plenty street vendors who sell winter clothing and offered us to buy some. The weather in that area was chilly, it was around 15 to 16 Degrees Celcius. We decided to buy some hand gloves and winter hats, just in case our sweaters, jackets and shawls are not enough because they say Penanjakan area and Bromo area are excruciatingly cold for Indonesians. I actually don't mind the cold weather, but the wind is killing me (I fallen sick for a week during winter time in Germany because it was super cold and super windy, mind you it was around -10 Degrees Celcius and I was just arrived from Indonesia, the tropical country). So if you're going to visit Mount Bromo, make sure you bring some of your winter clothes. 

Pick up some Lattes from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf before leaving Surabaya.
Just arrived.
My companions.
Then we rented a jeep and a driver to go to Mount Penanjakan, and at 3.30 AM we took off! It was jet black dark, we couldn't see anything while we're in the jeep. I didn't even want to know how the driver find the way when the visibility of almost zero when we're heading to Mount Penanjakan's peak. The driver told us not to worry because he could drive up there even with his eyes closed. Oh my... how comforting -_____-

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