Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dog Approved People Food

As a dog owner, I of course tempted (most of the time) to give my huskies some people food. I have to google the internet to know which ones are safe and which ones are not.

To me, Cesar Millan is one of the best Dogs Whisperer in the world. I'm following his twitter account and read his articles religiously then I stumbled upon this useful article. I believe every dog owner should know about this and so they can freely share these people food with our four-legged bestfriends/family.

1. Peanut Butter ► Proteins & Vitamins. Choose raw, unsalted peanut butter
2. Cooked Chicken ► Extra protein and makes a good meal replacement
3. Cheese ►Cottage Cheese is the best choice / any other low fat cheese.
4. Baby Carrots ►Good for dog's teeth. Low Calorie, high Fiber and Vit A.
5. Yoghurt ►High in Calcium, protein and good for digestive system.
6. Salmon ►Good for dog's coat and immune system.
7. Pumpkin ►High Fiber.
8. Eggs ►Protein boost.
9. Green Beans ►Low Calorie.
10. Apple Slices ► Clean residue off a dog’s teeth, helps to freshen its breath and high Fiber.
11. Oatmeal ► Soluble fiber for dogs with bowel irregularity issues.


source: Cesar Millan's Website.

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